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Custom Neon Sign

A splash of light is all you need to lit up space or make it look vibrant and lively. That’s exactly what a neon sign does. Over the years, custom made neon signs have garnered a special liking among people who wish to lit up their space in an innovative way. From text to designs to shapes neon, the advantage of neon signs is that you can make and mend them in any shape. However, before exploiting this neon sign feature, you need to know how to design your own neon sign. Therefore, we bring you some pointers that you need to remember while you design your own neon sign:

  1. Shape:

The first design element to be considered is shape. When you decide to make a neon sign, the first step is to define the shape. And when you speak of design, what is the purpose of making the neon sign will play a key role in what the shape would be. Once the purpose is clear, it’s time to decide whether you want to make it in the form of text or a particular shape.

  1. Size:

Once you have finalized the shape, it’s time to decide on the size. When you decide on the size and the shape, the next important aspect that defines the size is where you wish to place the neon sign. Therefore, before you finalize the size, finalize the corner you wish to place the neon sign.

  1. Framework:

Once the size and shape are fixed, the next thing you need to fix is the framework. In other words, which color do you wish the sign to be in? Depending on the purpose and mood that you wish to create with the sign, choose the color that best suits you. As the final step of the design part is placement, the prep for the same is defining the background board. Ideally, acrylic is the best because it is transparent and can easily hide behind any size and shape.

  1. Placement:

Most of the time, neon signs are either hung or wall-mounted. Whatever may be the case, drilling the acrylic background and using a wall mount kit or nylon rope to hang is the best option.

We are sure you would be clear about what it needs when designing your own neon sign with the above tips. One of the key reasons for neon signs becoming a hit is that making them is quite simple and hassle-free compared to the impact these signs do. Many service providers offer all types of neon signs, but trying hands to make neon signs is a great idea for some creative activity with dear ones. It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t need much of an effort. However, the results are quite satisfying and impressive. So, next time you have space that needs a simple makeover element, trying decking it up with a neon sign.

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