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Seeing your furnace break down on a chilly night during the winter is not an ideal scenario, especially if you are snowed in, and a professional is unable to get to it immediately away. This may make the problem even worse. Even if there is a higher risk of heating problems occurring during the wintertime, there are measures you can do to be proactive and spot an issue before it develops into a critical one.

It is always good to have the knowledge of when to arrange emergency furnace repair services. Remember that the colder months are among the busiest seasons of the year for experts working in HVAC, so be aware of that. You could be required to schedule an appointment well in advance, and during the winter months, the response time for emergency furnace services might be substantially longer than usual. You need to check out this link to learn more.

You will recognize the warning signals in advance, which will allow you to plan a normal furnace tune-up rather than having to call for an urgent furnace repair. This will save you from being without heat at a time when you need it the most. Here are several warning signals that indicate you need to schedule a tune-up for your furnace as well as emergency repair services for your furnace.

A Yellow Flame

Professional Furnace Repair Specialist

It can be summed up like this. If you visually examine the pilot light on your furnace and notice a flame that is yellow in color, this indicates that the gas is not burning at a high enough temperature. Not only is this a sign that your heater is not working as it should, but it also suggests that there may be a carbon monoxide leak in your home.

Carbon monoxide leaks can result in major health concerns and even fire dangers if they are not addressed immediately. In order to safely repair the issue, you will need to bring in the services of a skilled HVAC repair company as soon as possible. It is not recommended that you attempt to solve this problem on your own.

The Fan Won’t Turn Off

This is a typical issue that may frequently be traced back to an error made by a person. If you’ve observed that the fan on the furnace won’t turn off or that it runs continuously, the first thing you should do is make sure that the thermostat is set to the “auto” position.

If you have eliminated the possibility of an error being caused by a person, and your thermostat is programmed to operate automatically, but your furnace is still running despite the fact that it has already reached the temperature that you’ve set, then there is a possibility that your furnace, as well as a thermostat, are not communicating properly with one another, and there is a problem with the connection between the two.

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professional will be able to determine if the problem is a mechanical breakdown or an electrical problem with the furnace itself. Check out this page for more.

The Carbon Monoxide Detector Continues To Sound An Alarm

Furnace Repair Specialist

When the carbon monoxide detector in your home sounds like an alarm, you should take the warning very seriously. Carbon monoxide leaks pose a risk to both you and the people living in your house, as well as to the family members.

The activation of the detector might be caused by a number of distinct problems, such as a gas leak or an issue with the ventilation system of your furnace; nevertheless, each of these difficulties has to be treated as soon as possible by a qualified professional furnace repair specialist.

The Basement Has Puddles

This caution is for those of you who live in one of the numerous homes in the United States that has a furnace or boiler system installed in the basement.

Indications that your furnace has developed a leak or that there is a problem with the valve include the presence of pooling water, a buildup of steam, or water leaking from the walls of the basement. Stop using your heating system, whether it’s a furnace, boiler, or HVAC, and give an emergency repair service a call.

The Vents Are Not Releasing Any Warm Air

This is a clear indication that there will be problems. During the colder months, it is essential that you have the ability to keep your home warm. It is possible that the pilot light or burner has gone out in your furnace, which would explain why it is no longer producing hot air.

These are not problems that will resolve themselves on their own. It is in your best interest to get in touch with a qualified furnace specialist as soon as possible so that the issue can be diagnosed and fixed before the temperature in your region begins to drop.

More Dust Than Usual

Dust occurs! Even while this might not be an obvious symptom that there is something wrong with your furnace, it is still possible that there is. Older furnaces have to put in additional effort in order to keep up with the requirements of any given home.

Check the air filter in the heating system if you find that an excessive quantity of dust is building on the tops of surfaces throughout the house. It’s possible that dust and dander have built up inside of it to the point where it’s no longer able to filter the air effectively. If this is the case, then it is time to change the air filter in the furnace.

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