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On May 1, 2014 by Mamta

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Well insects kind of love to get cozy and want to set up their residence in wardrobe especially but you have to find ways such as to annihilate them. With pests residing in your wardrobe you may experience that your favorite apparels meeting untimely destruction thanking to creepy crawlies or the insects who specially like to reside in wooden wardrobe too much. Now here are some tips which can be followed to get wardrobe disinfect.

Home Remedies for Fruit Flies Indoor

Give special attention to clothes and prevent them from being insect ridden. A home remedy is to use camphor and mix in bowl of coconut oil and apply them to wardrobe walls and in corners. Let this mix first dry and then keep clothes back.

Pest Control SprayKeep clothes in sun once a month. Keep wardrobe doors open for hour and wipe it clean with cloth.

Spray disinfectant in wardrobe once in week. But prior you will have to take clothes out before and let the disinfectant settle for an hour or more before you keep your clothes back in the wardrobe.

Another important thing is prevention which you can do through:

Take small cotton bags and add naphthalene, mix with red dry chili and dry neem. Store these bags in various corners and portions of wardrobe.

Wood Perfume BallsOne cup of gram flour, add boric powder, add one teaspoon sugar mix it all in water and then form small balls which then kept in wardrobe. These are best to ward off the cockroaches.

Other important things to do are:

There should be no accumulated dirt below the bed and wardrobe and also in corner of rooms.

You can keep camphor slices in corners of room which will ward off prevent flies and mosquitoes.

If you have red ant’s problem you can use the boric powder.

Large Bay Leaf Keeping the neem leaves below the bed sheet.

Use covered dustbin and ensure to clean it every day.

Wipe the floor and corners with soap, kerosene in hot water.

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