Give Your Home A Hotel Style Makeover


Luxurious Hotel Room

Going on vacation, you like to have a luxurious stay at the hotel, which must offer your amazing décor and the comfort of home. Hotel rooms are designed to be more luxurious than most of us keep our homes. When we see a hotel room and experience it in detail, we appreciate every single thing about it. Hotel rooms feel so lavish and, at the same time, comfortable. Now, if you want to have that experience at home, then what are the things you can do to replicate such feelings at home? A few changes can make your bedroom and every night at home feel special and luxurious.

Modern Hotel Room Design

For this, you need to work with the space you have and the budget for things that are important to you. Like hotels, you don’t need to have large items like doors or bed frames to be costly. You can have impressive-looking doors by having doorknobs to be impressive. If it’s wooden door and bed frames, you can have some carving done, and a few updates can improve the existing look, which will freshen it up. Make sure it coordinates with new pieces.

Modern Minimal Hotel Room Design

An important tip to give your home a hotel-style makeover is to minimize the clutter. Hotels have the rooms look more spacious. In hotels, the furniture and various accessories are minimum. To have a hotel-style home, you need to ensure the cleaning, organizing, and improvement of storage options.

Luxury Deluxe Room

Another tip for giving your home a hotel-style makeover is through lighting. Hotel rooms have such intricate and beautiful light. In the daytime, you can do it with natural lighting. And at night, you can have lampshades in place around the room for dramatic effect. Place them well around dark spots by strategically placing them overhead and recessed lighting.

Hotel Studio Mode

In your room, be it the living room or bedroom, add a statement piece that stands out, like a furniture piece, or mirror, a headboard, or some painting, etc. the piece must not look out of place and must not need rest of room to make some sense of it being there.

Cozy Hotel Bedroom Design

Other things which you can do for a hotel-like feel have luxury linens. High-quality linen, decorative cushions, comfortable pillows, and quality mattresses will give your room a hotel-like experience. Give your room a classy touch with linens.

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