Giving Your Playroom A New Lease Of Life: 5 Suggestions For Livening Up A Busy Space In Your Home


Playroom Design

The majority of families have a designated area of their home that is referred to as the playroom for their children. This room typically stores all the toys and accessories kids have to keep them occupied throughout the day. Playrooms are rather messy and rarely are kept neat and tidy. However, when the kids are grown, there is a lesser need for a playroom, and that space can be transformed into something greater. Below are five different ways to transform a playroom into a room fit for adults.

  1. A Room For Adults

Being an adult is not an easy aspect of life because many stressors in life get in the way. Because of this, it is very important to have a space that they can call their own. This area can be laid back and include a Fombag chair or several. Depending on who space is intended for, it can have a T.V. with a gaming system, books, crafts, and so much more. This room can act as an area for the adults to get away from and relax from their daily worries and tasks.

Not only that, but it can be a great space for entertaining friends from time to time. You can look into installing plumbing to include a wet bar area. This would be wonderful for entertaining purposes when you have people over for dinner and drinks because the teenagers can hang out in a separate room while the adults mingle.

  1. Workspace

When a playroom is no longer needed, the family can re-purpose it into something else they need or want. For example, transforming it into an office or workspace is a great idea, especially if both parents work. This will alleviate a lot of messes and paperwork found throughout the main house and in their bedroom. With a few additional furniture pieces, the room can easily be transformed into an office. Comfortable bean bag chairs, a bookcase, desk, lamps, and a few other miscellaneous items would be needed to complete the look. Once done, the room will benefit the family greatly.

  1. A Teen Hangout Room

As the family grows and changes, certain rooms in the home must also change to accommodate the family. A playroom is one of those rooms that can change and transform to fit the needs of the family. A teen space for the kids and their friends to hang out in is a great idea to give kids space, while still being able to monitor what they are doing without making them feel like you are constantly watching them.

To transform the playroom into a laid-back hangout space for teens, look for furniture that is sophisticated, yet comfortable. Include a T.V. and built-in walls for extra storage, but that does not take up needed floor space. To keep it fun and light, it is okay to keep beanbag chairs around for extra lounging. Also, include a table in the corner of the room. This is a great surface for board games, card games, and other activities your kids can do with their friends, as well as acting as a great space for family game nights.

  1. An Extra Bedroom

Depending on the layout of the playroom, it can easily be transformed into an extra bedroom for a family member, or it can serve as a guest bedroom. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the room. If it is a guest bedroom, it is best to choose a neutral color palette. This will lighten up the room and will accommodate any guest that is staying with you.

Choose furniture that is modern and clean-lined, while making sure the furniture is not too big for the room. Add window treatments, artwork, and good lighting to make sure guests are comfortable and happy when staying with you and your family.

  1. A Library

Many people love the look of older homes because there always seems to be a room that is dedicated to books. Unfortunately, in modern homes, people do not include a library room because they are limited on space. However, when kids outgrow a playroom, a room does become available, and the option to turn it into a library is up to the family. Turning the room into a library is not a difficult task, and the family has options regarding what route to take.

The first option is more affordable and easy to do. It involves buying numerous bookshelves to line the walls of the room. This option will require the homeowner to put the bookshelves together, but it is easily done. Once this is complete, the family can organize their books on the shelves in any order they see fit.

The second option includes hiring a contractor to install a built-in bookshelf in the room. This is a bit more expensive, but it is a much cleaner and sophisticated look than purchasing bookshelves. However, it is important to keep the budget in mind and stay within it. Once that is complete, buy furniture and beanbags to make the room comfortable for family members of all ages to enjoy reading a good book in the room.

There are endless ideas when it comes to transforming a playroom into something else the whole family can use down the road. Depending on the budget, there are many ideas to incorporate. However, if the budget is limited, start by adding a neutral paint color. From there, add window coverings and some artwork pieces along the walls and on tables.

This will at least remove bright colors the playroom used to be and now incorporates clean and natural colors that are calming and serene. Over time, the family can determine what they would like the room to be. For some, it will remain a bonus room with bean bag chairs to lounge around in. For others, it will be re-purposed into a dedicated room for everyone to enjoy. Regardless of choice, a bonus room is great to have, especially for a growing family. Honestly, you can go for any bag list here and not be disappointed.

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