Go Eco Friendly: Make Your Bathroom So!


The most required transformation is to Go Green and to maintain harmony with nature. Let us sow the seeds for the same in our households by remodelling our bathrooms into eco-friendly ones. It is possible by making changes and updating the present bathroom systems. This transforms the old bathrooms eco-friendly and thus paves the way for a global renovation.

Contemporary bathroom with exotic dark interior

Water and energy are the two primary and vital natural resources which are being madly and immensely used by us, especially in bathrooms. In the absence of water as well as energy, the functioning of our showers is next to impossible. But to an immense extent, we can minimise the usage of the natural resources to preserve them for the future.

Bamboo towelsFirst and it is one of the essential steps to lessen the usage of water by installing taps and low flow toilets, the ones that consume less water and at the same time ensure proper cleansing and hygiene. Huge quantity of water should be saved by installing shower heads along with aerators so that less amount of water is used with double power. Low flowing toilets with the water-saving flush system, which use just 1.5 gallons of water per flush can be used to replace old ones which use up seven gallons of water. Relax under showers, but get water-efficient showerheads fixed so that you avail same pleasure without wastage of water. Coming to the energy factor, it is time we think of reducing its usage as it can save our budget also. Tankless heating system for water is a blessing as it heats only a sufficient quantity of water and that too only when it is required and thus saves energy and reduces our power bills.

Recycled bathroom tiles

We can go natural by minimising the usage of chemical toxic or cleansers. Replace ordinary cotton towels with organic or bamboo towels; they are softer as well as safer than the ordinary ones as fewer synthetic dyes and pesticides are used during the production process of organic ones. Nowadays, recycled tiles and housing materials are immensely available, and the usage of these stuff in bathrooms is recommended highly. Tissue papers are essential in any bathroom, but it is time we put to use only pure paper products that are 100 % recyclable. In addition to these ongoing revolutions make small changes in your habits. Close the water taps, switch off the lights and heater when not in use. Modest attempts at your homes can cause significant impacts on a global level.


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