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Mosaic Tiles

People go with the trend and are afraid to do something different. Mosaic tiles are not trending, but this can be something different and add a vibrant touch to your home.

Moroccan Tiles

Mosaic tiles are decorative tiles, also called Moroccan tiles, which can lend hues and texture to the décor of the home. The use of the mosaic tiles was initially in the pools and bathrooms, but now the possibilities are endless.

Ways through which you can add the mosaic-tiled magic in your home décor:


Customized Tiles

Let your imagination go wild, and you will be able to have many applications of the mosaic tiles as you get so many varieties. Get a mirror, glass ones, or customized tiles. You can use the mosaic tiles as accessories with bed backrest panels, on wardrobe panels, use in the lampshades, or on hanging pots, and if you have a fountain in-home, use it on the edge for such a stunning effect.

Frame the Moroccan tiles on walls is a great idea. Use several pieces of the tiles together, and they will form a symmetrical pattern, and this can have a painting effect. This will add a rich effect to your décor. Further, you can use it on top of the kitchen center table and even on the living room center table and give a subtle look.

The mosaic tiles are economical and are very easy to maintain as they are easy to clean with some warm water and a cloth to wipe the dirt.

In the shower room, many people use Moroccan tiles but use them as in the window frame, and you will add a fantastic look to the bathroom.

Do you have a dull kitchen? You can jazz it with mosaic tiles, which serve as a backsplash at a kitchen sink. In the kitchen, having bright colors look stylish. Bright pink and orange will add sparkle to the kitchen.

Small tiles look very artful, and larger ones to make an expressive statement.

Here Are Some Tips on How You Can Place Mosaic Tiles:

Moroccan Bedroom Decor

Choose the right size and color, and it must match to space that you are decorating.

The artistic look can be achieved by placing different mosaic tiles of different shapes together. Make asymmetry works well.

Use the tiles along with delicate mirrors on the surface, and you will have amazing decor space in your home.

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