Good Luck Plants for Your Home

On October 28, 2013 by Mamta

Modern Living RoomGood luck plants are part of home décor as well as of the garden. Good luck plants are supposed to bring good fortune.

In India the plant of Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious as it brings positive energy and auspiciousness to home. Planting a Tulsi in courtyard is considered very important. Also there are lucky bamboo plants.

Here Are Some 5 Plants Which Are Considered As Lucky Across The Globe:

Bamboo Plants:

Spiral Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plants

Good luck home plant is Chinese in origin but has become rage as per Feng Shui too. Place a bundle of four green bamboo shoots tied together with red ribbon. It indicates solidarity and unity in family.

Four Leaf Clovers:

Four Leaf Clovers Indoor Plant for Luck

This one hails from US. Tiny clover plants which miraculously have just four leaves and it being good luck plant goes back to seventeenth century where it was believed that if you find four leaf clover plant then something good is going to happen.

Holy Basil Plant:

Holy Basil Plant

It is mythological and religiously significant for Hindus. It is considered sign of purity and as wife of the Lord Krishna. Its leaves are to be used to purify anything and also used for offering prayers. For home it is said that Tulsi plant purifies home from negative energy.

Snake Plant:

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother in law plant! Well this is scientifically proven that this plant absorbs some poisonous gases in air and exudes water vapors in large quantity giving proper natural humidity. It brings good health at home.

Hanging House Plants

Money plant: oldest member of the lucky plants brotherhood. These grow easily and very easily available. Point to remember is that shoot of the money plants must always point upwards then only it brings wealth to house.

Window to be used for the Cultivation of Flowers

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