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We don’t tend to think of the aftermath of a party or a grand event when it comes to cleaning up; we just want to have a good old time, drink Champagne and look glamourous for as long as possible. But then the dreaded morning appears, and it’s as if someone had a confetti fireworks display when we weren’t looking.

Spills, stains, and smears we have no idea of what they are or where they’ve come from seem to be on couches, walls, and the precious carpet we paid too much money for, and we need to get them out, ASAP.

Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

Deciding who to go with when it comes to letting a team of staff into your house to clean can be daunting, stranger danger and all that, so we need to do our homework. We need to make sure they are reputable, reliable, and have the necessary experience not to make an already bad situation worse.

You want a business that offers a professional service and has insurance cover for those ‘incase’ moments. If they don’t I suggest to keep looking; you don’t want your handwoven rug to get damaged accidentally, and then you’re left to sort it out.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing

  • Reviews. Checking out their website and reading the testimonials will be a quick way to see the type of client services they provide and how happy the customers have been left. Have a quick look at Precision Carpet Cleaning here and get the expertise you deserve.
  • Equipment. Are they the generic, down the local hardware machines you can pick up yourself, or are they heavy-duty industrial kind that is going to get into the dirt and get the job one right.
  • Do they have vehicles and uniforms with their logo on, companies who are proud to be known will have the basics like these.
  • Do they have some assurance if you aren’t happy, some type of safety net, don’t be tempted by a cheaper option just because they don’t have a guarantee, you could end up paying more to hire in a new company to fix the mistake.
  • While shopping for a quote is vital so you make sure the price you’re paying is for the service you’ll receive, getting a quote over the phone should raise a red flag, I mean, how can you give a price for a measurement you haven’t looked at?

Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Depending on the type of carpet or rug, you are going to need a specific method to clean it, also not to damage it in the cleaning process. You can better educate yourself by clicking on to get a more in-depth understanding, but let’s give you a summary of them all.

The hot water method is primarily just that, a cleaning agent is applied to the surface, and then a high-pressure hot water jet is used to dissolve and agitate the dirt. It’s given a scrub, rinsed off, and left to dry.

Shampoo style is probably one of the older methods; I remember the days of my granny bringing out the chunky carpet shampoo machine and going up and down the floors making foam everywhere. Fun times. But it is a bit outdated with advancing technologies and tends not to be so popular anymore.

Encapsulation sounds more complicated than it is. Detergents are put onto the mat in a wet form, and as it dries, the dirt sticks to the powder, which is then vacuumed or brushed up.

The most popular and latest technique is that of the dry cleaning method. A rotor machine, as such, opens the fibers of the carpet, allowing the chemicals to penetrate deep into the mat, and when vacuumed up during cleaning allows it to dry instantly, resulting in the most convenient method to suit our hectic lives.

Scotch Guarding

Scotch Guarding

What is scotch guarding? Well, it’s the insurance protector for your rug. Carpet and upholstery fibers are coated with a safe chemical that is water-resistant and repels any liquid form that could stain or leave a mark.

Of course, there will always be DIYers, so watch this quick tutorial on how you could scotch Gard your furniture and keep the fabric looking fresher for longer.

3 Advantages Of Using A Scotch Guard

Advantages Of Using A Scotch Guard

  1. Life Span. The longevity of your furniture and furnishings is increased, they are protected and looked after better.
  2. Without having to hire in a company, if it’s not a huge mess, the cleanup process can be done by yourself with minimal effort.
  3. Air Quality. With no heavy soiled areas lingering around, the air is cleaner, no more musty stiff rugs making us feel sluggish.

 If you are a pet owner, then you’ll know all too well about keeping carpets as fresh for as long as possible, especially for hygiene reasons and then for guests and family coming round. Having a go-to make it yourself home solution will always come in handy.

Then every so often, treat your home to a professional deep clean, go out and have a coffee, and come home to a house smelling like a freshly squeezed lime. Divine. 

Natural Products For Cleaning Carpets?

Natural Products For Cleaning Carpets

While this is not everyone’s cup of tea, families with members that have extreme allergies, or if you aren’t financially able at this time to hire in a professional deep cleaning service company, then making a home-made solution for the interim can be an option.

A great recipe my grandmother used to swear by, and don’t they all about everything anyways, is vinegar, water, and salt. Sometimes she would add in a few squeezed lemons if she was feeling fresh that day, but a couple of drops of essential oils such as lavender or menthol would be nice too.

Then just mix it all.

She used to put it into a spray bottle and drench the carpet, after its left to dry completely you can give it a quick vacuum and Bob’s your uncle.


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