Got A Little Place? 5 Tips To Furnish And Decorate A Small Space


Got A Little Place 5 Tips To Furnish And Decorate A Small Space

Some homeowners and renters prefer living in small spaces to save money or to reduce cleaning time. They may have limited furnishings to decorate their homes. If you are planning to furnish and decorate a small apartment or a cozy little house, the following tips may be helpful.

Do Double Duty

Choose furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a sleeper sofa provides leisure and entertainment seating by day while functioning as a sleeping space at night. An expandable bathroom towel rack for towels and washcloths can also provide drying space for laundry if you don’t have a dryer. You can find places with Murphy beds that fold into the wall when unused, or you can use foldable cots that stay in the closet until night-time. You can also stack appliances like a washer and dryer or a microwave oven over the stovetop.

Think Small

Shop for smaller furniture items, like an apartment-size refrigerator or washer and dryer combination. Avoid grandiose decorating styles. Instead, choose chairs, tables, and other things that will fit your home’s space so that it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Do the same for decorating items by purchasing wall art that does not dominate the room, but rather accents the wall space. Hideaway stock items like trash cans under the sink where they won’t be in the way.

Check Out Displays and Ads

Visit home decorating shows in your area to see the latest trends in smaller homes. Browse home decorating magazines for ideas on how to optimize your reduced living space. When you’re checking apartment listings, try to look for those with visual ads to see how they are decorated. These may be accompanied by advertisements for furniture on a smaller scale.

Generally, neutral tones in painting and furniture work well in smaller rooms, with a splash of vibrant color added by throw pillows or an area rug.

Leave Open Space

While it may be tempting to fill every square foot of space in a smaller home with usable furnishings, leave some open areas to provide a more relaxed and comfortable vibe. The furniture you do use will stand out in its own right and be appreciated even more for the service it provides rather than competing for space and attention in crowded areas.

Furnishing a smaller home can be challenging, but it also provides exciting ways to be creative in making your new dwelling attractive and usable. Shop for décor you love that will enhance your living quarters.

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