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Super Smart Home

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and our lives are being transformed by it on an almost daily basis. Being in sync with the times takes perhaps more effort than ever. A year ago, I bought a house from an elderly couple. The only modern feature it came with was a weak wifi connection. That was about it. The rest seemed to be a time capsule from the 1970s. I had to do something to turn this museum piece into a place suitable for living in the 21st century. Still, after purchasing, my budget was almost non-existent.

Learn About Smart Homes To Drastically Improve Your Old Abode

The decision to make your home a smart home is a good one to commit to. Contrary to what many people believe – and what I used to think, too – this effort does not have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. As most of today’s appliances come with at least a couple of smart features, you might be able to get away with spending very little with the help of your smartphone. You can build a smart home system while keeping the costs low. The first step to take it so ask yourself – how does a smart homework? If you’re not exactly sure, you should use all the online resources available to you – websites and apps – to learn more about the topic.

Turn To DIY & Avoid Complicated Professional Services

Just about any home improvement usually means a house full of workers and an eye-watering bill to go with it. If you’re looking to turn your room into a smart room, you may be better off by doing most of the work yourself. Connecting your entertainment center, security system, air-conditioning unit, and microwave into a coherent system doesn’t even require any major drilling. You can control all of these (and a few other devices) with your phone. Find a smart home DIY guide, make sure your wifi coverage is strong enough, see which apps will make your devices compatible – and you’re good to go.

Sync Devices With Apps Without Spending Too Much

Of course, you can always make your home a smart home with Alexa or Siri. Still, there is probably no point in spending money on such devices. Your cellphone can easily replace the best smart home devices and save you quite a bit of cash. The only thing you need to introduce into the equation is a few apps to connect everything into a seamless whole. While researching my DIY project, I was lucky enough to encounter this list of apps.

Top Apps To Turn An Old Home Into A Smart Home

They have helped me quite a bit in bringing everything together – from my sound system to my smart thermostat. I couldn’t possibly be more relieved that I’ve done everything on my own – and without breaking the bank.


The 21st century home looks dramatically different from its 20th-century counterpart. Such a remake does, however, cost money. Still, the sum does not have to be exorbitant, and you can turn your old abode into a modern living space. Many of today’s appliances come with a smart feature. The only thing you need to do is use your smartphone to connect them into a seamless whole. With a good selection of apps, I was able to take my home to the next level and truly enjoy all the benefits of modern living on a budget.

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