Great Tips for a Beautiful House Design

On January 29, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Building a spacious, luxurious and positive energy filled house is a dream for many people. Due to the real estate property price growth all over country, successful youngsters are opting for a house, instead of buying an apartment. Banks are also offering home loans at minimal rates to help people build their dream home. If you have finally accumulated all the money required for building your home, then the next thing you need to do is decide the house plans. The developer can always help you in your home design by giving valuable inputs, but since you are going to live in it for several years, your choices matter the most. Here are tips for creating the most ideal and budget friendly design for your home.

Do the Homework:

Modern Architecture

At first, decide what type of home appeals you the most. Is it modern architecture style duplex or do you prefer a classic bungalow? When you see a home that seems beautiful, note down its features and if possible make a sketch. You may not apply all the small details, but the more ideas you have, the better you can guide the house developer.

Crete the Design:

House Design

You need to tell the developer exactly what you want so that he can calculate an approximate cost. For instance, note down the number of bedrooms, toilets, kitchen and dining area. Also mention the square feet area for each room to make the budget calculation process simple. Besides, if you want an attached bath or an open portico, inform about these details to the contractor before he begins the construction work.

Read Local House Building Laws:

House Design Plans

It is very important to know the local home building laws. Things like how much area you must distance you must maintain from the fence to the house wall and how many floors you can build are important. Otherwise, you may get into legal troubles.

Calculate Budget:

Interior Decoration

Once you tell the home developer what you need, he will give you an estimated budget. Make sure that it is not more than your expectations. Don’t spend you last penny for developing a house, because once the construction is done, you need to spend money for interior decoration, buying furniture, painting etc.

Fit Your Plot:


Every plot is unique and you need to decide the house design after checking the advantages and disadvantages of your plot. For instance, if your plot is perfectly square shape, then you should design a square shape house to take advantage of the land area. Similarly, you need to establish the garage in an area that gives you direct access to the road.

Always Think About Expansion:

Extra Garage

You may want to build a separate garage for your son once he grows older, but if there is no space left for the extra garage, then you will regret later. Therefore, you must tell the real estate developer that you wish to build another garage 10 years later, so that he can create a floor plan accordingly.

Get As Much Sunlight As Possible:

Living Room Decor

A south facing home is warmer during winter and hotter in summer. If you got a south facing plot, then it’s a great advantage as you will be able to enjoy natural sunlight throughout the year. Ask the developer to design large windows to make sure that natural light and air can pass through your house and enhance the positive energy.

Utilize The Space Intelligently:

Laundry Room

When you sit with the developer and decide the floor plans, pay attention the maximum use of floor area. For instance, main plumbing of the house should be done in one area, doors and hallways should be large enough to move furniture items comfortably and bedrooms should be located in a serene place to avoid the noise.

Apply these tips while developing your home and you will be happy to see the end result.

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