Great Tips For Styling Your Home With Adorable Home Décor Accessories

On June 20, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

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A well done home, is always appreciated and remembered. It is not necessary for you to be a designer or a person involved in art, to be able to style your house well. If you have the passion or interest in observing and appreciating new objects/ prints or material, you already are at an advantage. Your visualization skill is enhanced and at power. Hence, it becomes easier for you to imagine what décor elements will suite your home.
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Lalco Interiors believes that there are some simple design guidelines that will work for almost every customers need and every space, no matter the budget, style and size. Depending on how bold or calm your taste is, there will be certain exceptions to these rules. The first and the foremost rule would be to identify your likes and dislikes. Your home would automatically look gorgeous and stand distinct if it reflects your own personality. You may be an artifact collector who likes displaying the same in your house or you may just prefer a simple and neatly designed house. Both when finished well will have their own distinctive attractive look.

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On choosing your style and theme for the house, the second rule that comes into play is; less is more. This may not be applicable all the time, but this surely is a very important point to keep in mind while styling your home. One often thinks that filling the house with furniture pieces/ show pieces/ paintings, is essential for a beautiful home. Today, a well-executed house is more appreciated. The way you play with the arrangement of all your owned products is the key to a well-designed house.

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Thirdly, choosing the right color scheme will help you achieve your desired atmosphere in the house. You may choose a mix of color themes within different spaces of your house to entail a change and add some interesting elements at your home. Having mentioned these rules, all of these are connected to the home décor accessories.

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Home décor accessories include cushions, curtains, artifacts, carpets, mirrors, wall art, artificial flowers and all the other products that basically you purchase to style your home. For that matter, it could also be an exclusive furniture piece. Some golden rule tips for great home interior styling with the accessories would be; playing the opposites. By this, what we mean to say is that compliment a certain object with the contrary. For instance a floral sofa chair could be accompanied by a cushion with plain cover or if the wall is textured used a plain colored curtain for the windows or vice versa.

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Taking size as an advantage, is another smart way to style a certain space. Arrange different scaled objects together for an interesting look, place a small heighted artifact against the wall to enhance the grandness of the ceiling height. To want someone to look at a particular art object/painting or any other accessory, let it be a little big or isolated or bold, to draw their attention towards it at first.

Talk to our in-house interior designers for more tips on styling.

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