Green Thumbs: “Green” Decor For Your Home


If you like staying up-to-date in interior decorating, you may have noticed the “bringing the outdoors in” style, which has greatly influenced design. Aside from just looking wonderful, green and natural surroundings are known to have positive psychological effects such as stress relief and reduced blood pressure and other benefits, including better indoor air quality and no by-product toxins. If you want to energize your space with some greenery, there are ways that you can start incorporating some natural elements in and around your home:

Incorporate Plants

Green Thumbs Anonymous Green Decor for your Home

The plants you use in your design can be a simple flower arrangement, or they can become a focal point of your layout by choosing larger and more exotic plants. According to Green Smart Décor, if you want to experience the ultimate in a green home, then you can even cover the exteriors of your home in beautiful ficus, ivy, or other plants. Green coverage is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can protect from UV rays and noise pollution.

Experiment with Different Textures

Color Coordinated Dining Room

There is a lot of textural contrast in nature, so try bringing that into your interior decorating using different fabrics, woods, and other materials. For example, teak and bamboo are beautiful and green-friendly woods that can be used for furniture, floors, or blinds. When choosing throw pillows, look for fine natural fibers such as silk, linen, wool blends.

Use Your Windows

Flower Window Boxes

Flower Window Boxes

Flower Window Boxes

Keeping your blinds raised or curtains tied will let in lots of natural light and provide you with a greener view. Please take advantage of any space you have outside your windows and use it to plant flowers, shrubs, or trees to increase a sense of lushness around your home. If there is very little space outside, try flower window boxes or smaller potted trees, or hang a plant from your windowsill. These touches will go a long way in making you feel surrounded by greenery.

Use Nature for Inspiration

Leaf Green Living Room

Nature offers us nearly endless inspiration for home decorating. You can create arrangements of cattails, lavender, peacock feathers, beautifully shaped twigs, or other clippings from your yard. When choosing accent pillows or art, look for prints that feature green and natural themes like foliage or floral motifs.

If a simple houseplant can improve your sense of well-being, imagine how you’ll feel after incorporating some of these bolder green statements into your home.

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