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As the winter quickly approaches, those of us with green thumbs are winding down and preparing our fruits, vegetables, and plants for another down season. But for people who own a greenhouse, gardening can be a year-round joy.

A greenhouse is your healthiest home addition investment for fresh produce throughout the entire year. It doesn’t take much to get a green house — ensure that you consult with the right greenhouse and home addition manufacturing and installation company.

Look for a company that offers greenhouses with various ridge vent options, glass options, cooling devices, and heating to help protect your delicate plants. You want a greenhouse that provides the perfect balance of superior plant growth and enhanced structural design.

With the right greenhouse, you can cultivate the most delicious winter garden. Many plants germinate in colder temperatures that don’t require as many hours of daylight.

Take a look at these produce items that you can grow in your greenhouse this winter. You’ll save on grocery bills, skip out on harmful toxins from pesticides and other chemicals that are used on mass-produced items, and you can delight in knowing that you grew them yourself in your own home!

  1. Onions


Plant your onions in the autumn, and they will virtually look after themselves over the winter.

Onions have a long growing season and won’t be ready to harvest until next summer, so plan carefully as they’ll still be in the ground once you start to plant other crops in the spring.

Varieties to consider are:

  • Radar — yellow and have a mild flavor.
  • Shakespeare — white and are great to grow throughout the winter.
  • Electric — otherwise known as “red” makes a great addition to almost any culinary dish.
  1. Garlic


Also, healthy, delicious addition to dishes of all sorts, garlic couldn’t be easier to grow.

Like onions, they have a long growing season and won’t be ready to harvest until next summer, but they’re well worth the wait!

They come in several varieties, so take time and do a little research to know which garlic flavors are best suited to your liking.

  1. Winter Greens

Winter Greens

If you thought salads were just for summer, you were wrong! Plant rows of Land Cress, Lambs Lettuce, and Mustards in your greenhouse to add a spicy, peppery flavor to your winter salads.

  1. Peas


Peas are delicious and great for planting indoors. Not to mention they’re full of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Plant them in your greenhouse this autumn, and you can enjoy an early crop next spring.

  1. Broad Beans

Broad Beans

Image Source: Vegan LIftz

When you plant broad beans in the winter, it means that you’ll see young plants by the time early spring comes along.

The best method is to plant the beans in beds inside the greenhouse. If the weather is still mild, place the beds near the door to be easily seen and pollinated by bees.

Start planning your winter greenhouse garden so you can have an abundant harvest of fresh produce for spring.

If you don’t already have a greenhouse to consider the benefits and consult with your trusted greenhouse manufacturing and installation company today!

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