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When it comes to buying a piece of furniture, you have to look for various things. Moreover, you must have basic knowledge of furniture. These things help you to assess a piece of furniture like a study table design you want, the durability of the furniture, and many more. This is even applicable to furniture, such as beds. In the present world, you can buy beds offline or online. However, the method to choose the perfect bed remains the same. In this blog, we will share some basic knowledge about beds and things you must keep in mind while shopping.

Types Of Beds

There are three types of beds in the market. They are mentioned below.

  • Canopy Beds – This is one of the oldest designs of beds, and was used even a century ago. They consist of a tall frame that is used to hold curtains or mosquito nets. They usually have a headboard too. Often, they have significant height; therefore, make sure that measure the height of the room before buying it.
  • Modern Beds – These are the latest designs of beds in the market. They have a low height and have in-built drawers for storage. They also have a footboard and a headboard, which increases the comfort level. You can put them in almost any room.
  • Standard Beds – These are the most basic types of beds in the market. They do not have any do not consist of any feature expect a headboard. Hence, they do not have a frame, footboard, drawers, and many more.

Irrespective of the bed you choose, the comfort level depends on the mattress you choose. You may wonder why it is essential to select the correct bed. It is because they differ in size and additional features. Moreover, beds are the limelight of a room. By choosing the right mattress, you add a huge amount of charm in your room.

Sizes Of Bed

There are six basic sizes of beds in the market. They are as follows

  1. Single size bed (For one person)
  2. Small double size bed (barely two-person)
  3. Double size bed (Comfortable for two-person)
  4. Queen size bed (A little larger than the double bed)
  5. King size bed (For two-person and a child)
  6. Super king-size bed (For two-person and two children)

The Material Of The Bed

There are three basic materials from which beds are made. We have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of each bed.

  • Wooden Beds – These are the most popular types of beds in the market. You can color them as per your expectations. They are sturdy and easy to maintain. However, they do not offer comfortable headboard as compared to other beds in the market.
  • Metal Beds – These are the most durable beds in the market. They are easy to maintain, but they can leave a few scratches on the floor while moving. They are also heavier as compared to other beds in the market.
  • Fabric Beds – They are the lightest, but require the highest about of maintenance as compared to all other mattresses. However, they are also the most comfortable beds in the market.
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