Guide To Get A Hard Money Loan In Los Angeles


Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are also known by the name bridge loan, and rehab loans are an unconventional way of getting funds in return for a real estate property as security. It is a quick way of getting funds compared to a traditional mortgage loan, which is an excruciatingly slow and lengthy process to get approval. These asset-based financings are provided privately by lenders to offer quick money for a short term at a higher interest. These loans are generally taken by house flippers for renovations and selling them again to make a profit. However, the risk is significant but is the only way of getting funds swiftly when you have credit issues.

Here is a Guide to get a loan from hard money lenders Los Angeles:

  1. Build Savings For Deposit

The risk is always there for the lenders to get back their money. That’s why most hard money loan providers keep a relatively small portion for a down payment instead of paying you the entire amount. They calculate the LTV (loan to value) of an asset to calculate the percentage of money to lend. LTV helps in minimizing the risk the lender may face while collecting. Let’s say you want a loan of $500,000 for financing a property whose asset value is $1 million; then the LTV will be 50%. You need to offer another asset if you want more funds to cover the collateral security. Having cash in hand for the down payment will help you get the funds efficiently and eliminate the need to put liens on other property.

  1. Look For A Trusted Lender

There are several ways to check whether the lender you have selected is genuine or is just a pure businessman waiting to shrink all your funds. Stay away from such loan sharks by doing a background check like check if they have a good website with details about their work, testimonials from previous borrowers, and a portfolio of past projects in Los Angeles. Keep a checklist handy to shortlist the reliable lenders by omitting the one who just a single web page for collecting your personal information, no information of previous borrowers, and no previous projects to show. It is essential to know if they do not have any lawsuits against them. Hard money lenders are often interested in big projects like malls, hotels, hospitals and might not be interested in small finances, but there are always exceptions. It is how smart you are you convince them for your residential project.

  1. Prove Your Asset Value And Investment Growth

Moneylenders hold their decision to lend you the funds until they are convinced by your investment opportunities and their potential. Once you have shortlisted the right lender, the next step is to impress them with your prospects of investments and the profit they are going to make. You will need to show the relevant documents of the property, the architectural plan, construction budgets, and bids from other investors. Until you show your property’s worth and potential growth, they will not put in their money on your property.

  1. Apply For A Loan

To get the loan as quickly as possible, keep your relevant documents of the asset and other essential details like tax returns, bank statements, or earnings reports ready. Hard money loans are more comfortable and quicker to get relative to the conventional loan. Once the investor is impressed by the value and potential growth, it won’t take more than one or two weeks to process the amount. Keep your partners in the loop about the loan sanction and the time frame to return the funds.

  1. Schedule Your Payment And Work To Repay Within The Time Frame

Although it is an easy plan to get money through a challenging loan, you are always at risk of losing your collateral if the repayment is not made timely. Once the renovations on your project are done, find a broker to sell it quickly at a profit to return within a set timeline. Most lenders want the money to be paid at one go instead of receiving small installments. Don’t make the mistake of taking another loan to repay the hard money loan.

Final Thought

Hard money is a temporary solution to borrow money. It gives you quick access to the finances so that you can use them wisely in various investment opportunities. Be smart to generate more income from the hard money lenders in Los Angeles and grow your business.

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