Guide To Select The Perfect Dining Table


A dining table is a space where a family gathers and has its meals together, thereby spending some quality time with each other after a long workday. So, the dining table is a prominent place and a furniture piece to be chosen. You need to select the right dining table for your family, keeping in mind that if you get guests over your weekends, then you can extend it sufficiently, or else you are comfortable in adjusting the same.

Perfect Dining Table

Choosing the right dining table involves considering the space and the number of diners. Also, take into consideration that if you get your friends or relatives, space should be easily adjustable for the customers. There are different shapes and sizes of the dining tables available to suit your requirements. In the past, it was a more relaxed affair, choosing or buying a dining table for your home. You just needed to see the dining space, the number of diners, and your budget, and they’re used to be limited options for purchasing a dining table. Now, it is not the same anymore; the amalgamation of different styles, textures, trends, and shapes makes it a complicated affair. So, choose a dining table wisely, keeping in mind the above-discussed factors.



Rectangular Dining Table

The first decision you need to take is to choose the shape of the table, and this factor is slightly simpler than selecting the style. The most commonly used shape of the dining table is the rectangular one. Also, a rectangular dining table adds style to your dining space naturally, and it is the most easily adjustable shape wherein you can comfortably accommodate a person or two, even if not planned. Dining tables with rectangular shapes come with leaves for extension purposes. This shape is universally loved and used by a majority of the people around the world. It is best suited when it is used for a larger group of people.


Round Dining Table

The round-shaped dining tables are normally meant for smaller dining spaces. If you have a smaller and square-shaped dining room, then a round-shaped dining table works well with your dining space. Moreover, a round-shaped dining table suits a smaller group of people, while a large round shaped dining table can make guests feel far away from one another. It adds a touch of royal change in the world of straight lines making it look elegant. Rounded tables also help create an intimate setting with their pedestal legs, adding an essence of style to your dining space. You can add to its form with plush chairs and a pendant light on the top to increase the overall look


Oval Dining Table

It is very similar to a rectangular-shaped table except for the space it holds due to its rounded corners. This shape of dining is best suited for smaller sized rooms and smaller dining spaces. It is best suited and used by people who are not more than two to three members of the family.

Perfect Square

Square Dining Table

A square-shaped dining table is not much popular with its usage. You will generally find a square dining table is long and narrow rooms. Again, if a square dining table is a large one, then it will create the hassle of serving.

Creating A Style

Modern Dining Room

Crafting your dining room involves the right amount of style and lighting being added to it. When you have an open floor dining space, the best option is to choose a rectangular dining table that seems like a natural extension of the remainder of the living area. After this, look for good lighting that adds elegance to the beauty of the dining table as well as the dining room. If you own a small studio apartment, a glass dining table seems ideal, and if you frequently host parties at your place, then an extendable table is the best-suited one. Salvaged wood tables are the currently hottest trends, and with the growing eco-consciousness among the people, it creates an ideal of the “green” at heart.

Sizing Up Your Table

Modern Dining Room Design

After considering the shape and style of the table, it is essential to take into account its size. Consider the size of your dining table, keeping in mind the space of your dining room and the area around the dining table. It would be best if you went for such a size of the dining table that allows enough room to move around the table. Moreover, the size of your dining table should match the overall space of your room and should go on equal terms with it.

Consider Your Audience

See how frequently you are going to use your table and how often you are going to host your meals outdoor. In this case, you can opt for a dining table that is easily movable and is made out of durable material that you can quickly move to your adjoining yard or balcony and enjoy your unforgettable Thanksgiving or a Christmas eve under the stars.

Form, Seating, and Lighting

In the end, you need to consider the seating arrangement and the lighting of your dining room. Always try sitting at the table before purchasing it and fancy the light you want in your dining room/area matching your dining table.

Choose a dining table in the best-suited shape, style, and seating and add the touch of elegance with lighting to your dining room.

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