Gut-Remodel Your Studio Apartment Beautifully Yet Economically


If you own a studio apartment, you already know how flexible space is and how many ways there are to decorate it. Studio apartments are preferred by people who live on their own for the comfort they offer. In most cases, studio apartments are bought already furnished, and the future owners would like to remodel them following their preferences. Since you’re looking for ways to renovate your studio apartment, that’s probably your case too. Smaller apartments are somehow trickier to decorate, which means you should do your research.

A gut-remodeling takes time and planning, not to mention a considerable amount of money. The good part about renovating a studio apartment is that you can do it with less money than you expect, if you follow the advice you find in this article, the outcome should be the one your desired. These are the steps one needs to develop for a successful studio gut-remodel:

Budget – The Balance Between Labor And Materials

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Any experienced interior designer starts with planning the budget for the home renovation. Regardless of the size of the house that you are going to redesign, finding a balance between the costs for the labor services and the values of the materials is a must. Setting budgets realistically is more difficult than most people think because there are always additional expenses that appear on the way, without the owner expecting it. Aligning your wish list with the amount of money you afford to spend on the remodel is the first step you need to consider. Since this article is all about a gut-remodel, you should prepare for considerable expenses. That’s the reason why you should try to keep the list as economical as possible.

Putting your expenditures into categories should make things easier. Any small expense you miss from the list will surprise you when paying the bills, so bring your agenda and start writing down the potential costs of all the changes you’re going to make. Separate the future expenses into general supplies, building supplies, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies and so on. It’s more efficient if you create subcategories as well, and don’t forget to add a separate category for potential expenses, that might show up in the way. For this category, set up a small amount of money that you only use if the predicted payments do occur. A 10% overage from the total costs of the supplies should be enough. Calculate the final amount by adding the extra 10% and the supply sum.

You should know that you can opt for a Union Gas home reno rebate program if you meet the exact conditions. The eligibility requirements are convenient, and you’ll receive a significant part of your money back. Consider insulation and sealing renovations to make sure that you get a rebate. Adding a furnace, a boiler or a water heater work too. If you plan to replace your windows and doors, the home rebate program will bring back some rebate money as well. Read about the requirements and apply for such a program – you have nothing to lose.

Function Over Looks

Studio Apartment Renovation
A studio apartment renovation is limited by space. Since the studio consists of a big room, a bathroom and (most likely) an open kitchen, you must think about function first. Your lifestyle will be influenced by how you decide to redecorate the studio. Put together a layout that is practical and eye-pleasing at the same time. This task is the trickiest, and it will consume some of your time and creativity. It’s okay if you gather inspiration online, but try to keep the design as personal as possible.

Think about what you would personally enjoy in a studio apartment. Multifunction furniture is your best friend when working with a small space, so focus on that first. In case you plan to have people over, think of methods to host them overnight. Crash pads and sleeping lofts should do the job. Pay additional attention to the kitchen. If it’s an open kitchen, you want it to blend with the rest of the studio. If it’s a closed one, make sure to get the best out of the available space.

Storage Is An Issue

When you focus entirely on looks and practicability, you might forget something that’s even more important when living long-term in a studio apartment – storage. If your studio apartment doesn’t come with a storage closet, you might need to get even more creative. Building in storage spaces whenever you can is a real necessity. You should make good use of all the overlooked corners in the house, not to mention the area under the furniture.

Take into account the fact that your furniture must be individually created to fit the space just right and to include the features you need. Since it’s a gut remodel, furniture will be the most expensive part. Most of your budget is going to be spent on this. To do it economically, you must select your providers and your labor team very carefully. Do your research and only make a decision when you put together how much money will be spent. Custom furniture is definitely worth the expense, as it will respect the dimensions of your apartment exactly.

Negative Space Should Exist

Negative Space Should Exist
Even though a studio apartment is not very spacious, you still need to work with negative space. If you fill the studio with too many items, it may start looking crowded and tiring for the eye. Instead, you should work with negative space. A little bit of space will give the studio a complete look. The eyes of anyone who visits the apartment should have some place to rest. Negative space is often forgotten, especially during remodeling, when people want to include as many things as possible in the redesigned look of their homes. Know how to work with space and the outcome will be more than pleasing.

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