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Canvas prints and the artwork are becoming increasingly popular to decorate homes, offices, or any institutions. The canvas prints on the stretched canvas project an art-gallery effect as the canvas prints can create excellent visual effects of depth perception and viewing pleasure. Now choosing canvas print from so many options can be kind of challenging. So read on to know some hacks and tips for decorating your walls with canvas artwork. Visit PIXERS – the online shop with decorative wall products, and find the best canvas print for yourself.

Canvas Print

The canvas print that you select must be perfect in the sense that it complements the existing furniture, but it should be able to establish itself as a central feature and be a highlight of the room’s decor.

The time of selfies is here, and it is going to stay like forever! And these selfies are undoubtedly the best pictures for the walls as they are about special moments. But you must keep in mind some points while choosing the correct picture for the canvas prints.

Complement Theme Or Mood Of The Room

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The room’s purpose is important to keep in mind while choosing a canvas print. Like is the room for private or to entertain guests, is this for hallway, or study room you need to understand the purpose and choose the type of canvas so that it can complement the room and its color and scale.

Choose The Canvas Prints Colour Carefully

Canvas Print

Neutral colors are calming, and the vibrant colors tend to bring excitement in the room. For example, a lively yellow color can be good for the children’s room, and a mellow green tone can be apt for a relaxing room or doctor’s office.

If the room is smaller and you want to have an open space effect, choose to have sunsets, landscapes, or any canvas art which portrays distant horizons as this helps in the small room appear large.

The size of the canvas print should be as per the wall size, like choose small canvas prints for narrow walls and larger for the big walls.

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The canvas print should also be based on furniture pairings. Likewise, the genre of canvas art should be depended on room furnishings, whether it is modern, formal, traditional, or casual furniture and decorations. The canvas posters can be adorned depending on the furniture and decor of the room.

If you are not sure about where to place the canvas prints, then mantles and shelves are the best places to keep the canvas prints as display arts.

Display Arts

The canvas prints can be of an odd number of prints; you can align several prints in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal arrangements. Important is artwork should be balanced as per the size of the wall or the place that you place it.

It is also important that you place the canvas prints at the optimal height such that it can be a focal point or seen easily and can catch the attention.

Canvas prints allow turning your designs into actual works of art without even lifting a paintbrush. Choose any image or picture to make canvas photos or make any design and get it printed by PIXERS on canvas and brighten up space with this amazing decor.

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