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Would You Like To Have A Spa At Home?

Bathroom Design

Stepping in your bathroom should be the ultimate way to fight stress, but yours may not feature the same aesthetics spas have. What does it take to create a calming sanctuary at home? Here are the ultimate hacks that will help you design a bathroom similar to a spa retreat.

  1. Declutter

Declutter Your Bath

It’s as simple as this; you have to get rid of all the items you no longer use, of the outdated products, and the old sponges. A bathroom filled with items will never make you feel like stepping into a relaxing retreat. You should remove the things you are not using daily and place them in a spot hidden from sight, like a cabinet or vanity unit.

Do you remember how the last spa you visited looked? It was probably a clean, organized space because there’s no other way to maintain a sense of calm indoors.

The best way to remove clutter is to get everything out of the bathroom, sort them, and throw away all the items you’ve not used during the last month.

We understand that you are perhaps not ready to walk into a cold bathroom early in the winter morning with eyes half-shut. If you are thinking about the solution, you will likely try to purchase the best bathroom heater. Here are the 10 Best Bathroom Heater in 2019 for you to enjoy all season year-round.

If you don’t have storage space in the bathroom, this is the moment to install some; two or three vanity units will keep everything hidden away. It’s always recommended for a small bathroom to install wall-mounted vanity units because they offer the impression of a larger space. Please choose a wood finish model; it will give a luxury boost to the entire area.

  1. Install A Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub will boost your bathroom’s style, and it can become a beautiful focal point, depending on where you install it. You can find a variety of sizes and models available; one will suit your house’s style. We recommend you opt for a simple oval shape tub in nude color and place it close to a window. Make sure your window offers you privacy because the last thing you want is someone to stare at you when trying to relax.

A curvy bathtub is perfect for a contemporary designed house and more suitable for babies. It has enough space to fit the baby bath seat perfectly inside it. The roll-top one is compatible with an ideal space.

If you want something unique, you can hire a constructor to create a custom-painted tub.

Note: when installing a bathtub, you have to make sure that the plumbing system is working correctly and the boiler is operating at its best. The specialists from corgihomeheat.co.uk recommend installing a new boiler when renovating the bathroom to make sure that you’ll enjoy the right water temperature when soaking in the tub. Your different moods will influence the different temperatures you’d prefer when soaking in the tub, so make sure the boiler is in its best condition.

  1. Stick With Neutrals

Nature Walks In Bath

If you are ready to repaint the bathroom, then choose a color from the neutrals palette. Earthy tones have the power to make you feel relaxed, exactly the feeling you want to experience when you enter your bathroom. Light colors offer you an organic feel and help you connect with nature. If you do not wish to use nudes when painting the bathroom walls, you can try a pale blue; it will offer a soothing sense. If you paint the walls in baby blue, you should install white cabinets; they will accentuate the soothing effect.

Remove bright colors from your palette; they are preventing you from achieving a calming atmosphere. The perfect spa-like bathroom is decorated by using hues like beige and white.

Another way to achieve a spa-look is to play with contrasts, but for this, you’ll need a large bathroom. You can work with a white base and use espresso-colored oak to create a frame for the cabinetry.

  1. Give The Shower An Upgrade

Bath Shower

If you don’t have a bathtub or are the type of person who loves long showers, you should change the present one with a rainfall head and massaging body jets; it will change your life.

It is the best upgrade you can bring to a small bathroom; you cannot install a freestanding bathtub or any bathtub because it will make space feel suffocating. The shower will offer the area a wow factor, and you’ll enjoy a couple of relaxing moments in the evening. Make sure the water pressure is sufficient to deliver you an intense experience.

  1. The Lighting Makes The Difference

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting is one of the main factors that make the difference in the overall feel you have when entering the bathroom. Ensure you upgrade the lighting system before painting the walls and installing the bathtub and shower because it may imply destroying the walls.

Use downlights and spotlights to create all-over illumination and lighting around the mirror to obtain task lighting. The dimmer switch is an essential addition; you can change the room’s ambiance according to your mood. A spa-like bathroom should feel warm and grand, and layered lighting gives a feeling of extreme comfort.

  1. Aromatherapy Encourages Prolonged Relaxation

Aromatherapy Encourages Prolonged Relaxation

Now that you’ve installed the perfect bathtub, you’ve painted the walls in a calming hue, and you’ve chosen the ideal lights, you should focus on an aspect that will enhance your relaxation state, aromatherapy. The scent has an essential role in establishing your mood, so you should decide what relaxing aromas you prefer and add them to your bathroom. If you prefer a refreshing scent, you should hang a eucalyptus over your showerhead; not only that, it improves the smell in the bathroom and adds life to space. Greeneries can make a room feel more inviting, purify the air. They can also add a romantic vibe.

For aromatherapy to encourage prolonged relaxation, it’s essential to use organic scents. Check on the market what types of natural candles and oils you can use for the bathroom and place them on a wooden bathtub tray. Sometimes the little things in life are the ones that bring you the happiest moments. Don’t forget to take a champagne bottle when you plan to have a prolonged soaking experience; champagne bubbles work great with soap bubbles.

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