Handmade Gifts: Reasons To Give A Handmade Mug


Stylish Mug

Many of you might think that mugs are overrated gifts since there are just too many mugs all over the stores. However, mugs will always be a good and useful gift. Add the fact that the mug is also personalized; this makes for a memorable gift. The recipient will remember you over their breakfast coffee or their afternoon tea. At their quiet times, they’re able to think of the giver of the mugs that they’re using.

If you’re not convinced about giving out handmade and personalized mugs, here are great reasons why you should do so:

  1. You Can Stuff Many Different Things In A Mug

Go one step further when you’re planning to give a mug. Rather than giving a mug per se, make it even more special and unique by stuffing in little knick-knacks inside the mug. Depending on the personality and the favorites of the person that’s going to receive the mug, whatever you put inside can differ.

Examples of things and goodies that you can stuff in your handmade mug include:

  • Teabags
  • DIY Candles In A Mug
  • DIY Plants In A Mug
  • Coffee
  • Gift cards
  • Chocolates
  • Cakes In A Mug
  1. You Can Use Ceramic For Handmade Mugs

A handmade mug is usually made of ceramic, which makes for really great mugs. Ceramic mugs are generally of better quality because they can better retain the heat and the cold of the liquid. Hence, they tend to serve the purpose of the mug better.

The last thing that you’d want is for you to suddenly find out that your hot drink has gone cold, right? It’s the same for your recipient. Ceramic loses heat slower because of the following reasons:

  • Conduction Is Slower: This is because ceramic is more porous. Conduction refers to the loss of heat due to the direct contact of cold and hot material. The pores in ceramic give out air pockets that act as heat insulation. This slows down the process of conduction
  • Convection Is Slower: This process refers to the loss of heat through the air. Because ceramic has a higher heat tolerance than glass, it loses heat relatively slower.
  1. You Can Give Very Special Gifts

Mugs, in itself, shouldn’t be considered so special. Unless the person you intend on giving it to is a mug collector or enthusiast. But, when it’s handmade and personalized, it becomes an exceptional gift.

For instance, after making the mug yourself, you can even have a photo printed on the mug, like the photos of your grandparents, or photos of your mom as mother’s day gifts. In today’s day and age, printing photos has died down a bit. Hence, if you add this to your mug, it becomes an exceptional addition to their kitchen.

  1. You’re Giving Them A Gift That They Can Call “Mine”

Although mugs can cramp up a kitchen, most individuals seem to have an attachment to it. Many get devastated when their favorite mug breaks.

When you put your heart and effort into creating a mug, the one that you made could instantly be their favorite. It’s a gift they can uniquely call theirs; no one else in the world has the same mug as theirs. And, they’ll always remember the sweetness of the effort that you put into giving a handmade mug.

  1. You’re Creating A Stylish Mug

Ceramic, per se, is already stylish. There’s just something about its appeal that makes it look so much better than a glass mug would. Add into the fact that it’s very easy to customize ceramic. Thus, you can create mugs of all shapes and sizes. It’s easy to paint on, style, and decorate. Having this kind of mug is still going to be so much better than giving one straight out of a department store.

  1. You Can Paint In Inspirational Quotes

You don’t have to be a creative person for you to create a mug. But, you can increase the specialness of the mugs you’re going to give out through painting inspirational quotes. If you’re great with calligraphy, this can work very well for you.

For example, you may have a friend that you know has been feeling depressed lately or is going through a hard time. You can give a mug with an inspirational quote painted on as a little picker-upper surprise. Every time that they use the mug during their winding downtime, they’ll immediately feel better reading the quote, and they’ll remember your thoughtfulness, too.


Personalized Mug

Mugs may not always be a favored gift for some. But, if you go the extra mile and personalize it, the recipients are bound to love this gift. Not only is it useful, but it can also be very special.

If you’re to spend time and money preparing for a gift, it might as well be something that you’re certain that it’s going to be useful and loved. Additionally, a mug is something that’s going to last for years in the recipient’s home.

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