Happy Halloween: Some Scary Tips for Halloween Décor 3

On October 26, 2013 by Himanshu Shah

Mantel Halloween Decor How To DIY Easy Project Ideas Orange Black House Ghosts Garland Lights

Creating a haunted house is the best part about the Halloween decoration. It is scary and fun way to have the spooky festival celebration. Creating scary events is the most fun part of the Halloween holidays.

Halloween Decorative Ideas

Here are some good ideas which will help you make scariest haunted house décor for your halloween:

Halloween 2013


Change lighting by dim down light, replace with black light bulbs, add neon lights and thrown black curtains.

Spider webs: spider webs are essential along with the spiders dangling from ceiling right at your eye sight level. Put them on doorways, corners and windows.

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Eerie Music or Mood Music:

Music which is of spooky sound can be played in home. Hid boom box in room which will play special eerie sounds which will scare people out. Add some scary screams and howls it will set the mood perfect.

Halloween Decor How To DIY Easy Project Ideas Orange Black House Ghosts Garland Lights

Halloween BathroomScary Bathroom:

Eerie, spooky and creepy bathroom can be done by replacing light bulbs with red lights, giving bloody effect, slash the shower curtain, have scary killer in bathroom figurine and play screaming noise in bathroom.

Fog Machine:

This will give disorienting effect, guests will not be able to see well and you have someone jump from behind to scare them out.

Horror Villains:

This is simple the horror ghosts and villains of the movies can be used to décor the room such as of exorcist. Designate each room to have different villain.

Gruesome Graveyard:

Make cemetery like place with headstones, tombstones, and dead coming back from ground; add zombies, or various body parts which are sticking out of ground.

Halloween Backyard

Scary Tunnel:

Make large tunnel like which has exits and dead ends and stuff and hang in creepy items such as skulls, body parts, zombies, witches, spiders and spider webs etc.

Halloween Post Sign IdeasSigns:

Hang in signs which are paint blood red lettering and skeleton hands showing people way through the house.

Place fake skeleton in entry way on in living room.

Use candles to light your home.

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