Happy Halloween: Tips on Home Decoration 2


Easy Halloween Decorations 2013

Halloween Decorations Pumpkins RavensHalloween holiday is to décor your home to look scary and like old mansion. Here are some more tips which will help you décor your home not beautifully but ugly, creepy, scary and horrid to have awesome Halloween festival celebrations.

Entryway and the Doorways:

Set decorated pumpkins and hand the Jack o lanterns at lining of entryway at home.

Hang the spider webs along with plastic spiders in them especially at the doorway.

Hand black sock bats upside down from doorway. Add craft eyes and mouth.


Well when decorating home for Halloween you need to be sure that your home is functional that is why keep it simple here. If having some Halloween party then you may go overboard.

Simple will be to décor with the pumpkins around and putting Halloween costume etc.

Halloween Party DecorBut if it is a party then add fall them hand towels, Halloween special soap dispensers, dishes, Halloween blankets, pillows, and all.

Replace the bowls with the cauldrons

Lampshades and the chandeliers need to get spooky which you can do by hanging spider webs and ghosts.

Lighting and Sound Effects:

This is very essential then only it will look perfect.

Set up black light which will create creepy effect and add glow in dark look.

Halloween Lighting Monster JarsPlaying with light will help you highlight the special and specific features of your Halloween décor. Also absence of light too can create scary effect in certain areas.

Put a CD of scary music and screams o creepy sounds to create haunted house effect.


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