Hardwood Flooring Refinishing


Hardwood flooring always helps to give a very stylish look to our house. A lot of people opt for wooden flooring for their bedrooms and also a part of their living rooms. When these flooring is used for a long period of time then it is bound to get worn-out and then it’s finishing starts looking very dull and also lifeless. A lot of damages and also destructions start happening on these floorings which make it look very lifeless and ugly. Water and moist exposure are majorly responsible for the damage caused to wooden floorings. If the flooring is exposed to water a lot then a gradual damage is observed on it.

Modern office with hardwood flooring

So when you decide to finalise on having wooden flooring for your rooms then it is also important to decide either the after care to be taken is also decided on. When the flooring is damaged then the person is left with two options. One is either to replace the flooring completely with a new one and the other option is to repair or refinish it.

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Below you can learn the difference between the replacement of the flooring and the refinish.

Replacement of the Wood Floor:

The word replacement refers to the removal of the existing flooring and then replacing it with a new one. If we opt for this option then it will turn to be very expensive and will also require a lot of time for the implementation of the work too. This decision entirely depends on the budget of the individual. This is not the right choice for the person who has a tight budget.

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The person opting to get his flooring replaced completely will also to be mentally prepared to spend a lot of money and also will have to make that particular are available for the implementation of the work too.

Refinishing of the Hardwood Floor

Mission ImageWhen a few signs of damage like the scratches., dents, stains and scuffs are observed on the floor then doing the refinishing of the wood floor is the best and also a practical option. Refinishing process is not as expensive and also as time consuming as replacement of the floor. In this procedure all that has to be done is that by you need to sand the areas that are affected or even the entire surface if required and then get them stained, sealed and dried.

It is always advisable to take the services of a professional and take his advise to decide what exactly is required for the flooring either replacement or refinishing.


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  2. The wood floor looks like it could use a little more polishing. Especially the last pic. Otherwise, I must say, I’m impressed by the overall floor quality. Perfect texture with lots of spaces – give you just enough to admire. Great job sharing this.


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