Hate Your Average House? Top Design Tips For Adding Aesthetic Appeal To Your Home


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Today’s new homes all seem to have the same cookie-cutter floor plan and exterior materials. This leads to plain, drab houses that are just like everyone else’s, and not everyone wants their home to like just like the one next door. There are some ways to make your home stand out from the rest, giving it more curb appeal and personality. Here are just a few ideas to consider when looking for something special.

Choose Unique And Expansive Windows

Unique and Expansive Windows

It is just too easy to install standard-sized double-hung or casement windows with typical muntin or grill patterns. Gone are the days of true divided lights dictated by the size of a pane of glass. You can get glass in endless sizes now for relatively inexpensive costs. Unless you are making a historical reference, consider choosing larger panes without visual obstructions. You might even consider some window sashes and frames as they are also now available in slimmer widths and so many great colors.

Give Your Façade Texture With Precast Stone

Façade Texture with Precast Stone

Adding some texture and detail to your exterior walls is going to make the house pop. You don’t need to veneer the entire wall of each façade. Keep it interesting by mixing wood or stucco with precast stone or brick. These wall systems are easier to install and more economical than natural stone walls. They provide similar thermal benefits. Companies such as Harristone specialize in precast stone veneers and can help beautify your home. Adding something like this can make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Focus On Exciting Garage Doors

Exciting Garage Doors

So many times, the first thing you see when you approach a house is the garage doors. This is often a constraint of the lot size and configuration and can’t always be avoided. Here is an opportunity to really get creative and add that much-needed curb appeal. Many specialty garage door companies have customizable options to make your home unlike anyone else’s. One option that is really growing in popularity right now is the use of frosted glass panels. This really lightens up the front of the house and adds a bit of modern elegance.

Consider A Standing Seam Metal Roof


Metals roofs are practical and sleek in appearance. They are available in a multitude of colors. Metal will last longer and is more durable than your typical composition or asphalt shingle roof. In particular, steel roofing is a great product because it is 100% recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint. The return on investment for a metal roof is worth the initial cost. Sustainability and aesthetics will make your home stand out.

With new technology in the home design and construction industries, there are opportunities to make your home a little more appealing and unique. Many architects and builders would actually jump at the opportunity to do something a little more innovative and creative. When designing your home, it helps keep a file of images of the things that speak to your aesthetic as a resource.

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