Have A Family Member With Depression? 3 Mood-Enhancing Renovation Projects


Have a Family Member with Depression 3 Mood-Enhancing Renovation Projects

Dealing with depression sucks—to put it in simple terms. Living with someone, whether it is a spouse or child, who has depression, can be challenging as well. You want to do something, but it seems like there is nothing you could do to take away the storm cloud that appears to be hovering over their head all the time. Yes, you can be there for moral support and provide a listening ear. However, there is something more that you could do: renovate your house in ways that could positively alter their moods. Here are several ideas that you could implement.

Install New Windows to Let in Sunlight

Install New Windows to Let in Sunlight

Serotonin is a chemical in our brains that has an impact on our moods. According to Time.com, higher levels allow us to feel calm, while lower levels lead to depression and anxiety. However, we can control our serotonin levels by exposing ourselves to more sunlight. If your house tends to be dim and there aren’t enough windows, then considering a window installation might be the best choice—especially in areas of the home where the depressed individual might frequent (such as their bedroom or the living room).

It might also be worth considering replacing smaller windows with bigger ones, like some of those that the company provides, that can fill up the majority of a wall. Doing so would help create a much more open feel, which is essential as many who suffer from depression tend to close themselves off from the world.

Give Your Kitchen a More Open & Social Feel

Give Your Kitchen a More Open & Social Feel

In many homes, kitchens are entirely separate from the rest of the house. Although they might be easily accessible, those in the living room might not be able to see the person who is cooking and vise versa. This type of floor plan might create a sense of isolation for some. Even if the kitchen is in view, most kitchens are designed so that the person who is cooking is facing the wall. It can make engagement pretty tricky. If you feel that these are problematic issues in your home, consider your kitchen’s design. Then, take action by trying out one of the following ideas:

  • Take out isolating walls to create a Great Room (a combined kitchen, dining, and living area)
  • Install an island with a stove/oven that faces where people might be
  • Remove all doors and replace them with translucent materials (or a glass door if the door leads outside)

Whether or not a person feels isolated in a kitchen might depend on how often they’re cooking in there as well. As you take into account the above options, it might also be wise to think above, creating a new cooking schedule. Alternate who is doing the cooking so that one person doesn’t have to do it all and end up spending too much time in the kitchen.

Put More Curves in Your Décor & Overall Design

Put More Curves in Your Décor & Overall Design

You might not realize it, but too many 90-degree angles can trick your psyche into thinking that you feel threatened. Such an environment might also come off as being too formal and, therefore, somewhat intimidating. Curves seem to come as more aesthetically pleasing to our brains and signal a lack of threat—giving us a sense of safety. This isn’t to say, of course, that your home needs to be torn up and redesigned entirely to ensure that everything is curved. No, that would be excessive. Instead, choose a few areas of your home where 90-degree angles might be too prominent or where it might be helpful to see more curvature. Here are a few ideas of what you can do:

  • Replace square or rectangular furniture in common areas (such as the dining room or living room) with tables, chairs, and sofas that utilize more curves in their design
  • Put in arched doorways or wall openings
  • Change out tile patterns for those with more curved designs
  • Install curved shelves in the corner of rooms

Honestly, there are so many different ways to utilize curves in your home. Don’t go overboard, though. You want to put enough curvature so that the design is comfortable and not too extrinsic.

Beating depression can be severe, and renovating your home isn’t going to be the cure. Doing so, however, can help lift the mood of the person who is going through this struggle.

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