Have Visually Enlarge Ceilings


A home which is spacious feels more comfortable. When there is space problem like having low ceiling you can at times feel cramped and such out of whack instead. You can trick your eyes and mind into thinking that ceiling is much higher and is larger than it is.

Bright Ceiling Interior Interior Design Ideas


Interior Design Ideas for CeilingPaint ceilings and walls in light color make it look bigger. This advice has been used for eons. This is because lighter colors are visually receding; it means that eyes see them being farther away. You can also use cool colors such as blue, greens and violet family as these too have same effect. Small and low ceiling with lighter color or cool color will seem large and bigger.


If your walls are of darker shade then abrupt transition between one color to next makes size of ceiling standout in same way as frame creates and edge around picture. Avoid this effect by painting walls in semi light color and paint ceiling lighter color of wall’s color version. Example: paint walls in grass greeb and ceiling in light chartreuse.

Bedroom Ceiling Light


Illusions do the trick. It is like a big gun. Paint your ceilings in light color and top third of room’s walls of same color as that of ceiling. You paint bottom two thirds of walls different color and install there a wood paneling like the wainscoting in space. This creates illusion of much larger ceiling because point of transition exists beyond from actual ceiling line.

Color Ideas for Ceiling Interiors

When choosing colors stick to using matte or eggshell paint as glossy paints tend to reflect light which make ceiling look closer. Avoid overhead lights as they draw attention upwards and you don’t want attention towards problem area.


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