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More and more homes feature what would once only be found in public venues like your local gym or spa; steam showers have become so popular that the styles and details can mean your steam shower is almost as unique as you are. Your own steam shower allows you to experience the health benefits without the hassle of sharing it with the public at large and the comfort of knowing that it’s clean and available for your use whenever you want it. No lines, no waiting on someone else’s schedule; your steam shower is ready and waiting for you to get home at the end of the day. Before we get into the many health benefits, here are a few other things to think about before you invest;

A steam shower and a sauna are two entirely different things. A sauna uses hot air, while a steam shower provides actual steam (vaporized water), with a list of health benefits. In addition, the shower includes a shower tray with holes through which the steam rises, affecting your entire body and keeping it moistened throughout the process.

Did you know that having a steam shower can increase the value of your home? So many would-be buyers are looking for that touch of luxury or extras that put a home head and shoulders above the rest. Of course, a clean, updated home is wonderful, but its aspects are like a personal steam shower that puts your home on the map.

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Your bathroom is the best place to set up your steam shower, so take that into account when making measurements and when thinking about styles and materials. A pitched roof is integral to your steam shower cabinet, as the condensate will need a place to run off and fall, and without a pitched roof, this cold water might end up falling on you! You will also want to ensure that you purchase a model that allows some humidity to escape, but not the water vapor itself. Generally, a glass door is optimal. Finally, ensure that your walls are up to the impact of a steam shower cabinet; they should be properly linked, and regular drywall will certainly not serve this purpose.

Keep in mind that hardware differs from one steam shower to the next, so shop with an idea as to what you want to experience while you’re using it, and buy the best products that you can afford. You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes of cabinets, and some steam showers even come with massage jets, music options, or a variety of LED lights. Your experience can be incredibly different with each session, depending on which options you’ve decided upon. Armed with an idea as to what you want in your steam shower, a great contractor who can do the job properly, and high-quality materials, you will enjoy your own private steam shower for many years to come.

The Health Benefits Of Having Your Own Private Steam Shower Are Many;

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  1. Increases your blood circulation. This is not only a benefit to your internal organs but also your skin. The increased oxygen supply that the blood circulation will allow for helps your skin look and feel its best. This can mean your skin has an improved ability to heal itself and also fend off blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  2. Opens up your pores. This is an important aspect of skincare, as opening the pores can release any built-up debris that we’ve accumulated through our busy day. In addition, when pores open, they cleanse and allow for a far brighter, better appearance. Steam also keeps the skin moist, improving elasticity.
  3. Releases toxins. Warm to hot steam can help your body release toxins that we carry around completely unknowingly. Toxins are in the air and environment all around us; releasing them at the end of the day can help our bodies to function far better than when they harbor these nasty elements.
  4. Relaxes muscles and your joints. Painful joints and knotted muscles are often the results of a stress-filled day, so take pleasure in relaxing your muscles and improving mobility in painful joints.

Improves blocked airways. If you’re feeling stuffy, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in warm steam to clear airways and improve your ability to breathe easily.

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  1. How beneficial to know that steam showers help the blood circulation, and it releases toxins. My inlaws have been thinking of remodeling their bathroom. If that is still in their mind, I will recommend them a steam shower for their health.


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