Health Is Wealth: A Must-have List For A More Efficient Home Cleaning


Efficient Home Cleaning

A clean home means a well-lived life. It is an expression in which most people give special treatment, especially in the sanitary aspect of life. Living in a clean house means wealth for everyone as it pertains significantly to the health of your family.

Yes! Health is wealth! You can achieve a healthy environment in your home for your family through cleaning. Cleaning will keep your family away from sickness, which what being wealthy truly means. Thus, you cannot deny the fact that sanitation is essential in life.

Cleaning your home takes a lot of patience. From sweeping the floor, brushing its surface, and remove the dust from the ceiling. To add, it is not only done once, but you must do it every day to maintain a sick-free way of living. People tend to have different techniques on how they clean their homes. Here are the tips for you to achieve efficient cleaning:

Start At The Top

Starting from the top is the most efficient way to clean your room or things in the house. You can apply this great strategy to clean most of the rooms in your home efficiently. Aside from cleaning rooms, starting from the top will allow you to not spending a lot of time to finish cleaning.

Look Around The Home For Awhile

Look for places or things in your home that don’t need cleaning anymore. Look around for about a few seconds. When you see one or two things or places that don’t need cleaning, you can save time by moving on to other things to clean. Thus, you can now start and focus on cleaning those areas which need it more.

Start At The Far Side At The Top Of The Room

Cleaning involves washing or sweeping the floor. When you do cleaning or sweeping, make sure that you start from the far side at the top of your house to avoid walking back into the already clean areas. By doing this, you will be able to maximize your time in cleaning without wasting much time and resources.

Always Do Firm, Long, And One Direction Strokes

Sweeping has its proper techniques to make your chores more efficient in a short time. Bear in mind that when you sweep, you should only do firm, long, and one direction strokes to make sweeping fast. By sweeping correctly, you can refrain from putting back the dust or dirt you recently cleaned.

Start On The Corners

In sweeping, it is also efficient when you start first from all the corners of your room. After sweeping the edges or corners, you can now proceed with cleaning the central part of the house. After you thoroughly sweep all the areas in the room, you can now get the dustpan to help put all the dirt in the garbage bin.

Make Use Of Handled Tray When Cleaning The Shelves

When you clean the shelves, you can use a handled tray to put the books on it to clean the shelves properly. When doing this, you can also clean the ornaments or decorations at the same time. After thoroughly cleaning it, you can now put back the book in their proper places.

Make Sure To Wash Walls From Its Top Up To Bottom

In cleaning your walls, make sure you wash it from its top-up to the bottom to avoid stains or grease from spreading back the area you previously wiped. You also have to make sure that you thoroughly wipe out the excess water from the walls using an upward motion.

Additional Info:

Cleaning a Room

You can begin cleaning first on the side of the door of your room. After that, you can now start cleaning to the edge and corners of the room up to its center. You can fix your blankets, arrange your books, and clear out the hampers while you’re at it.

Maximizing The Dustpan

You can put a wet paper towel on the dustpan so that the dirt will stick to it more. With this great idea, you will find an easier time to get the dirt to the garbage bin. With that, you can save time and save effort at the same time.

More Effective Cleaning Solution

There are cleaning solutions that may cause harm to your health and damage to your things at home. Examples of these chemicals are chlorine and liquid detergents. These cleaning solutions might create ruin your furniture. You can also reduce the amount you’ll use for your cleaning solutions to minimize any damage that may occur.


Cleaning your home is not just an obligation, but a commitment to help you and your family protect from any illness. Cleaning will make you feel comfortable and confident to live in your home.

Indeed, the tips given above are essential to improve your ways of cleaning. Furthermore, you can check out some details regarding cleaning methods on Anago Cleaning to get much more efficient cleaning techniques.

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