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Heating And Air Conditioning

Is your HVAC system in optimal condition? The importance of these systems is crucial both in summer and winter, as they provide homes with cool air and heat.

Nevertheless, everyday use of HVAC systems makes them prone to wear and tear, particularly mechanical parts. Homeowners are expected to recognize some of the warning signs of malfunction and contact heating and air-conditioning contractors.

There are various Lancaster air conditioning repair services designed for handling HVAC-related problems.

Make sure you hire HVAC professionals in the following situations.

Faulty Thermostats

Faulty Thermostats

A malfunctioning thermostat is a common HVAC problem that requires the assistance of heating and air-conditioning contractors in Lancaster. The thermostat has a core function in HVAC systems, as it controls the temperature and air level. When having an issue with a faulty thermostat, the operation of the entire system is under threat.

In most situations, these types of issues are triggered by an old analog thermostat, which should be replaced with a digital model. Sometimes, even modern thermostats malfunction because of having weak batteries. If the batteries seem to be the problem, you’ll only need to replace them. Nevertheless, if the batteries are functional, the problem should be inspected by a professional technician.

For instance, a malfunctioning thermostat might be caused by faulty wiring, extreme changes in temperature, or duct accumulation. Consequently, it cannot communicate well with the air-conditioning unit and the furnace responsible for regulating the temperature inside the house/apartment. HVAC contractors in Ohio are experts in identifying the core of the issue and taking the necessary steps towards fixing the problem.

Clogged Filter

Another common reason for hiring heating and air-conditioning contractors to fix your HVAC system has a clogged filter. Air filters play a major role in clocking the dirt and contaminants passing through the vents to deliver fresh air inside the house. Nevertheless, after using them for a few months, these filters become clogged due to the dirt.

In order for the HVAC system to be restored to its previous smooth function, the air filter has to be either cleaned or replaced. If your airflow is limited, make sure to contact an HVAC contractor to have the condition of the filter checked. These professionals locate the filter easily, remove it from the unit, and put a new one back. In case your unit uses a reusable filter, it can be placed back after having it cleaned.

Furnace Failing To Heat Up

Another issue related to dirty air filters is the failure of the furnace to heat up. It often happens for the furnace to lack heat, meaning the entire house isn’t heated properly. When filters are overly clogged, dirt and dust restrict airflow, making the heat exchanger switch off incredibly quickly. As a result, your home would be incapable of warming up.

The first thing homeowners are suggested to do is check the furnace pilot light to see whether it’s working correctly. If the light fails to turn on, there could be a lack of gas supply. Fortunately, air-conditioning and heating contractors in Lancaster would know what to in such situations and make sure clients’ homes are warm again.

Blocked Drain

Drainage problems are common in air-conditioning systems. Drainage systems are equipped with a drain pan and a drain pipe. The former is in charge of collecting excess moisture, whereas the latter is responsible for leading the moisture out. After a while of being used, the drainage system is prone to clogging because of dirt and impurities. The outcome is usually spilling moisture indoors instead of removing it outdoors.

The best way to unblock the drain system is by contacting air-conditioning contractors to perform the job. They have a look at the outdoor unit, remove the drainpipe, clean it with a special cleaning product, and then clean the drain pan. Once both the drain pipe and pan are cleaned, the moisture will again be led outdoors. This URL, https://www.wikihow.com/Unclog-an-AC-Drain, explains the procedure for unclogging an AC drain.

Weird Furnace Noises

HVAC Problem

Furnace noises are another indicator you need to hire the assistance of HVAC contractors. Although the furnace is expected to make certain types of sounds, some of them indicate there is a mechanical problem with the unit. For instance, a squealing or whining sound might be a sign of an issue with the inducer or blower motor. After inspecting the motor, technicians might decide to replace the motor so as to prevent furnace failure.

Apart from squealing and whining sounds, furnaces might produce other types of sounds related to poor airflow and dirty burners. Ignoring these noises isn’t recommended to homeowners, as the outcome might be a failure of the furnace.

Wear And Tear

HVAC systems rely on numerous mechanical components that guarantee good unit performance. Due to wear and tear, these components gradually reduce system performance. The most common components showing signs of wear and tear are bearings and belts, leading to poor heating or overheating.

Nevertheless, experienced technicians recognize the signs of stretched and worn belts. They also know when it’s the right time to oil the motor and bearings.

Final Word

HVAC assistance is vital for having a functioning system.

Waste no time waiting but call the experts when having a problem!

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