Heating And Furnace Repair In Meridian, Idaho


Heating And Furnace Repair

How long has your furnace been providing your home with heat? After a certain period of use, these units are bound to demonstrate some signs of malfunction due to common issues.

The most frequent problems with heaters include short cycling, yellow pilot light, worn-out bearings, damaged blower belt, cracked heat exchanger, etc. While most issues require professional assistance, homeowners can perform some basic fixes before contacting furnace repair technicians.

There are numerous heating and air-conditioning companies, such as https://gobutlerheating.com/services/furnace-repairs/, providing prompt service and up-front prices.

These are some basic furnace repair tips to try before calling professionals.

Gas leak

When suspecting a gas leak, residents of Meridian, Idaho, are supposed to deal with it right away. In case you sense natural gas nearby the unit or inside your home, make sure not to light any matches or turn on/off any switches. If the smell is strong, you should evacuate the house immediately and leave the door open.

The only thing you should do in such situations is to switch off the valve that supplies gas, which is found right by the gas meter. The valve should be rotated with a one-quarter turn with the help of a wrench. Make sure to contact professionals to take care of the problem, meaning you shouldn’t return home until it’s considered safe.

No Gas Flame

When there’s no gas flame, it means your furnace isn’t working. In such a scenario, homeowners in Meridian are suggested to relight the pilot light and inspect the thermocouple. Older models are equipped with pilot lights, whereas new models come with electronic ignition. In case the pilot light on your unit isn’t functioning, there’s a sequence of steps to take to relight it.

First of all, you should switch off the shut-off valve, wait five minutes for gas to clear, and then look for the pilot light under the valve. The valve should be switched on to the pilot, and the knob should be pushed down to start gas flow to the pilot. Use an extended lighter to gain access to the pilot and light it. The button shouldn’t be released yet. Find out how to check a pilot light on a gas furnace.

Moreover, you should hold the button for approximately a minute, then release it slowly while making sure the flame remains lit. Afterwards, the gas valve should be turned back on. The process should be repeated if the flame fails to stay lit. In such a case, the thermocouple is either faulty or loose, the orifice of the pilot might be clogged, the flame might be set overly low, or the cutoff valve may show signs of defect.

The thermocouple refers to a copper rod, which is heated up by the flame. It has to be sufficiently hot to signal the presence of enough heat necessary to burn the fuel that gets released in the appliance. In other words, gas is permitted to be released to the burners. Therefore, when the light doesn’t remain lit, the thermocouple must be either replaced or adjusted by a professional.

If the orifice is clogged, it can be cleaned with a thin wire piece. Nevertheless, prior to the cleaning process, the gas should be turned off, while the circuit breaker has to be shut off as well. After ensuring safety, use the wire to remove any debris in the orifice.

When it comes to electronic-ignition models, homeowners should turn the thermostat down or turn off the power switch and then back on to reset the module for ignition control. You need to listen for a spark sound or wait for the ignitor to glow. The flame sensor of such furnaces is best cleaned with Emory paper.

Heating And Cycling Issues

In scenarios when your unit runs and produces heat but not enough, you should start by checking whether anything blocks the warm airflow, such as furniture, drapes, and similar stuff. If nothing seems to be blocking the airflow, check whether the thermostat is set correctly to “heat” while the fan is set to auto or on. Increase the set temperature by five degrees and wait to see if the thermostat increases the heat.

Another step to take is to check whether the heating registers are entirely open. Additionally, check the filter for dirtiness, as dirt is known to minimize efficiency. If none of these steps improves the furnace’s efficiency, homeowners in Meridian, Idaho, are recommended to hire a repairman.

In cases when your furnace doesn’t heat at all, this problem is usually triggered by a thermostat malfunction, a blown a fuse, or a tripped circuit breaker. You should ensure the thermostat is set to heat mode. Afterwards, you should move on to checking the electrical circuit, not just the main electrical panel but the subpanels as well.

It’s important for the circuit breaker to be on and the fuse not to be blown. In the event of a tripped circuit, you should try and reset the circuit breaker or change the fuse. In case the circuit blows repeatedly, there might be a problem with the electrical system, requiring the assistance of an electrical contractor.

Another thing you can try is resetting the blower motor due to a potential overload. The reset button is usually found near the housing of the blower motor, so make sure to press it after locating it. You should then switch off the power to the unit at the main panel. Inspect the power switch in search of a fuse, which should be replaced if blown.

In case of the furnace cycles too frequently, the most common problem is with the thermostat. Homeowners are supposed to make some calibration adjustments by adjusting the heat anticipator. If such adjustments don’t seem to do the trick, you should perhaps replace the thermostat.

A Final Note

Follow the above-mentioned basic tips to fix your furnace.

If these don’t work, the problem should be solved by a pro!

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