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On May 3, 2014 by Mamta

Ethnic Serenity Interior Design

There is need of tranquility in home which you can achieve through the home décor to bring in the sense of serenity.

Here are some tips to achieve sense of serenity at your home:

Modern Chair Clean Minimalistic Interior Design

Cut clutter:

Clutter is able to disturb the inner harmony of home as it affects energy, lead to negative emotions. Turn your living space into ultimate soothing space by removing the clutter. You will be able to give Zen touch. The best is to adapt the minimal designs, enjoy the simplicity and rather keep few things around which makes you smile such as treasured photos.

Color Explosion Expansion

Add art:

Art adds to visual delight, but art is able to bring in peace and tranquility as well. For this you need to choose artwork which touched your core. Don’t be tempted by big names. Art should be able to touch soul.

Art Paintings on Wall

Color choice: there are certain hues which bring on calm such as blue attracts creativity, as well as prosperity, likewise green is able to create feeling of new life in room and brings you closer to nature, white will give you serenity. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t add bright colors you must do that but just no go overboard. Choose colors which soothe soul.

Large Modern Interior Designs in Red

Embrace space:

Overstuffed room will actually make you feel tense. Home should be like home and not museum. Remember that flowing space gives calmness. You don’t need to display each and every item of the collection you have.

Space saving Apartment Design

Bring nature indoor through indoor plants. Also you can put some terracotta figurines too which will give feeling of earthy beauty. Enjoy green color.

Create a corner or nook where you can sit comfortably to relax and ponder over.

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