Help: I Have Got Spots on My Mirror


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Today getting a good and superior quality mirror is not an easy thing to achieve. Glass mirrors do play a very important role in creating a huge impact on the kind of interiors that we choose for designing our homes or even our workplace. Once we purchase a mirror there are a few minor aspects that we need to focus on. We normally look for cracks or chips while buying mirrors but we also need to mull over the back (the important bits that can’t be easily seen). Moisture is the main culprit which is responsible for the damage caused to the mirror and this happens because the moisture reaches the front of the mirror from the back and then it leads to oxidization which in turn forms black spots on the mirror.

Wall mirror circle

Oxidization mainly occurs on the mirrors when the moisture slides through into the glass and therefore causes a layer between the glass and the silvering which gives the glass its reflective effect. Oxidization therefore leads to blck spots on the surface of the mirror. These spots cannot be cleaned or even removed as they are not on the mirror but they are formed within the mirror. It is always said that prevention is better then cure and this phrase is most applicable to a mirror because any kind of damage done to a mirror is irreversible because there is no solution to it other then replacing it with a new one. If in case the damage is at the edge then it can be corrected by reframing the mirror but in that case also care has to be taken to make sure that the reframing is done in a way that no space for moisture to re enter is left.

Wardrobe white mirror

Few preventive methods can be adopted in order to avoid such kind of damage. There are a few mirrors which are specially designed for usage in bathrooms only so in that case any other mirror should not be hanged in bathrooms as they are likely to get moisture damage because of the steam that gets accumulated in bathrooms.


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