Helpful Tip to Handle Wires In Home

On December 28, 2014 by Mamta


All will agree that you are annoyed with tangled mess of wires which are behind the computer desk or behind the television, and things like that which are constantly fishing out.

Here is very useful tip handle well all your wires.

Be creative with mundane objects with this simple and very useful idea:

Don’t throw away the tiny clips that you get along with the bread packets. Use them to label the wires and also to keep them away from other wires such that they don’t get tangle and this will help you to manage the wires well. Be it of computers or chargers or television or of the amplifier system.

Since we all are no experts that we can easily identify as which wire is meant for which purpose and for which sockets and which plug and USB. What you can do is use that clips and write on them name of the cord such as of keyboard, or mouse, or router, or of printer and scanner etc. use marker to write on the clip for each respective wire. This can be used for the computers, television, routers, and where there are many wires.

This hack of clips will stop tangling of the wire and help you to manage well.

Also you will be able to clean well the space around and easily clean of the dust.

In our home there are so many wires which are bundled around such as of data cable, telephone cables etc. you can organize these wires by roiling theme on to cardboard rolls just like the toilet paper rolls.

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