Helpful Tips for Choosing Home Window Blinds

On July 10, 2015 by Edwin Smith

Block the outside light and create privacy during the evening by purchasing the right types of blinds for your home. Regardless of if you want vertical blinds for dressing up your sliding glass door going to your patio or horizontal blinds in your bedroom, some tips that will assist you in finding the right ones are highlighted here.

Kitchen Blinds

Farmhouse KitchenChances are you spend quite a bit of time making and then serving various types of food in your kitchen, which means you need to find kitchen blinds to help and create a great environment but that will also help to block the harsher daytime light when you want them to. Try to find kitchen blinds that are made from vinyl, which offers an easy maintenance option, or blinds created from faux wood which creates an inviting and warm space. Be sure to purchase blinds that are able to be dusted or wiped, since things inside the kitchen often become dirty easily.

Bedroom Blinds

blinds for your bedroomIf you want to ensure that the world outside of your bedroom stays out, then consider venetian blinds. These consist of slatted, overlapping horizontal strips that are closed and opened with an attached cord. Venetian blinds that are composed of wood can provide a more rustic look and feel, while aluminum and vinyl blinds create a more contemporary look for the space. Try to purchase blinds that will close more tightly so that you can have privacy, as well as a darker room to aid sleep at night.

Living Room Blinds

Living Room Blinds
If you spend a lot of time in the living room, relaxing and entertaining, then you should try to find wooden types of window blinds in order to create a more elegant look, regardless of your décor. Search for blinds that are darker for a more contemporary feel or wood blinds with a lighter finish to create a more vintage or rustic vibe. Wood blinds are also able to be enhanced with some white paint if a more minimal type of décor is desired.

Choose Patio Blinds

Patio Blinds
The ideal accent for any taller sliding door that goes out on to the porch or patio is going to be vertical blinds. White vinyl options are considered a common option and the easiest to clean and care for. Fabric blinds are also a popular option; however, they will require a bit more care and maintenance.

Taking the time to find the right blinds for each room in your home can take time and effort; however, it will be well-worth it in the end. If you need more assistance or guidance visit the Blinds for Your Home website where you can find all the information you need.

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  • We are adding window treatments and finishing up the details on our new home. Blinds can definitely be an important aspect as it can add to the style and lighting in a home. I appreciated your suggestion to look at wood blinds for a living room to add an elegant look. Thanks for sharing!

  • My wife and I have been thinking it’s about time to replace some of the blinds in our house. I’ like the article’s suggestion to customize the style of your blinds based on the room you’ll be hanging them in so as to coordinate style and color. I’m sure my wife will have a good idea of what styles would work in each room.

  • I recently bought my first home and I am not sure what type of blinds I should buy for my windows, so I appreciate the tips that you share in the article. I like that you say to look for different types of blinds and curtains depending on the room. It makes sense that you should get slatted blinds for your bedrooms because this will make it easy to close them completely to keep light out at night and increase privacy. Also, the fact that there are different colors and styles that can help you to create the look you want is a huge benefit because I want my home to have a very contemporary look.

  • My husband and I want to remodel our living room, and your article had great tips for choosing new blinds for our windows during this project. I liked how you said we should consider wooden blinds for an elegant look that matches any decor. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when choosing window blinds.

  • I need to get new window blinds for my bedroom and I appreciate the tips in this article. You make a great point that horizontal, venetian blinds will keep the light out. This will keep the room dark when I’m sleeping and give me more privacy.

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