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The holiday season is back. And, along with its full merriness, it brings chaotic situations, as well.

It is hard to imagine a cultureless state; with no culture, no ethics, and celebrations. Imagine if you live in a place where there are no festivals or no holidays.

I know! Even the imagination is unbearable. So, it is essential to have a spirit of festivity, especially during the holiday season.

Happiness and cheerfulness can create imagery of creativity and personifies affection. Thereby, we welcome one of the most significant celebrations observed globally, with full joy and optimism.

No matter if you are a child, teenager, youngster, middle-aged, or aged—you enjoy Thanksgiving as it is a holy festival, just like Christmas, which brings with it lots of delicious food and fun activities. In America, the traditional menu that is the drill of every Thanksgiving includes turkey, squash, corn, and pumpkin pie.

However, in other festivals, the host does not go through a massive chaotic situation like they have to face on Thanksgiving. The responsibility of keeping guests contented with your food is not an easy task, and what will you do if your stove or oven doesn’t work at such time, as well. I would faint for sure. But no worries if you are facing such a problem because we are here to fix it.

So, join us with the fun festival season rollercoaster, explaining every way to repair your stove before this Thanksgiving.

The Problem Will Occur On Thanksgiving If You Do Not Fix It!

If some of you are wondering, why do you need to fix it? You will adjust somehow. Then, my friend, you do not know how much trouble you are leading yourself. With all those guests in your home, you will not know what to do.

Any other alternative will either burn your food or leave it uncooked. In both cases, your guests won’t be happy with your hospitability. Secondly, you have to get it fixed anyhow. If not now, then later on. So better to do it now only.

If you think it is the holiday season and the repair service will charge a higher fee, you are waiting for it to get over, then I am afraid that you are making a big mistake, my friend. That is because if the problem right now is not so critical, it may get fixed easily. But, waiting would only increase the damage and thus, increasing your cost.

How To Repair Your Stoves Before Thanksgiving

95% of Americans spend the holiday with family. So, when family visits, you cook. Now, as we have established that it is necessary to get your stoves fixed before Thanksgiving (also considering that your family is coming), we will release the tension and panic by telling you a few ways to quickly fix your stove.

We will specify by the type of stove:

  1. Electric Stove

Who doesn’t like technology? And, especially when it is helpful in the kitchen and cooking, it is the best. Our electric stoves are also a blessing for the cooks. However, it can also stop working as an ordinary stove. The reasons are different, though. Here are some ways to fix problems with an electric stove.

  • Fix The Breaker Power:

The very first thing you must check in an electric stove is the breaker. It is the part that supplies and flows electricity to the outlet. If this does not happen, the burner won’t heat the food. Power needs to pass through the outlet to reach the stove.

If the power is not even going to the outlet, then the stove would stop working. If the breaker box is tripped, just reset it. The problem is solved easily. However, if it trips again, you have to understand that a professional’s job to deal with the problem may be regarding the short circuit in the wires. Immediately turn it off and call a professional.

  • Repair Outlet:

If the breaker seems fine, check the outlet as a second repair step. If the outlet is not supplying electricity to the stove, then the problem is with the outlet. To check if the outlet is supplying electricity, turn the breaker off, and unplug the stove. If the outlet is damaged, replace it. Now, keep the stove unplugged, and turn on the breaker.

Check the voltage at the outlet with a voltmeter. The simple ones will only show fluctuation in voltage, while more complex ones show reading less than 220/240 volts when the outlet is faulty. Turn off the breaker and call a professional.

  • Check The Burner:

Your electric stove will stop working if there is a problem with the burner. The burner can experience some issues due to which it has been damaged. It could be a case of a bad burner in which there is a bad connection in the burner, socket, or a broken switch. Always remember to unplug everything and then begin the repair.

Check to see if the burner is burned. Just replace it with the one you know is working. If it starts working, you had found your problem. If not, check the socket then. If the socket is burned, replace that. If that doesn’t work either, then the problem is with the switch. With a multimeter, check the switch. Fluctuation means burned switch, hence replace it.

  • Clean Dialer And Buttons:

If nothing works, then it is undoubtedly a case of uncleanliness. Clean the rotary dialer and push-buttons. Sometimes old stove shows such issues. Cleaning would solve the problem efficiently and quickly.

  1. Gas Stoves

People often prefer gas stoves due to their low maintenance and cheaper rates. Plus, you can cook while the power is out. However, it is not perfect. It can be damaged and cause chaos in your Thanksgiving dinner. So here are a few ways to fix them:

  • Check For A Loose Connection:

If the wires that link the igniter to the control module do not have a stable connection, the spark needed to ignite the burner won’t be seen. This means there is a loose connection. To fix it, turn off the switch. Remove the grate, burner cap, and the sealed burner base.

Check if there are any loose connections. Fix the connections properly and then check the stove works or not.

  • Repair The Igniter

If there are no loose connections, the chances are that your igniter is damaged. Turning off the lights and checking the flames can tell this. A yellow or orange light means damage. Bluish-white is for an igniter that is fine. Now, turn off the gas and remove the burner cap and with a screwdriver or hex-driver, disconnect the burner base.

Remove igniter wires and replace the igniter. Many shops offer stove parts. You can also look for them in your area or at the digital stores. If you fail to find the required parts in your area, it is not difficult to find them in this digital world type the query stove repair parts near me. Viola! Plenty of shops will be at your service in the search results.

  • Clean The Stove

The last step in this stove, too, is to clean the stove. Food scraps and greases can decrease or end your stove’s flames. Cleaning them would help much.

Replacements Of Stoves

Nowadays, people do not use stoves that much. Ovens replace them. Even during the holiday season, if your stove is not working, then an oven comes to the rescue. It makes all your favorite Thanksgiving food items and is not require as much maintenance as a stove. Due to this reason, over 30 million microwave cookers are sold annually throughout the world.

However, the only reason that stoves are still used and are used more than an oven is that ovens can cook almost everything, but not everything. So, you do need a stove for items that cannot be prepared by an oven.

Still, apart from this fact, ovens have made their place and are now used in almost every house every day.

Wrapping It Up

No panicking this holiday season. No chaos, no tension of your stove, and absolutely no nervousness when your guests ring that bell. Your stove will work well if you try the ways mentioned above. The guests will love your food and enjoy themselves thoroughly. So, follow the steps, and don’t let some heat spoil this festivity mood for you.

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