Here Is Why Attic Cleaning Is Essential?


Attic Cleaning

When looking around the Internet for an efficient wildlife removal company, you’ll also see, among the listed services, that attic cleaning. And you may wonder what that entails, exactly, and whether or not you really need it. Well, that’s why we’re here – to clear up that question for you.

First Of All, Why The Attic?

You might wonder, if you’re dealing with intrusive wildlife in your shed, for instance, will the wildlife removal company clean up your shed? Or is it restricted to the attic? While that’s best discussed with the wildlife removal company in question, the reason why attics are so prevalent on wildlife removal websites is that the attic is perhaps the most common wild pest hangout.

Since many people use the attic as storage space, this makes it cluttered and largely uninhabited, which allows the wild animal to roam freely, and set up a nest without worrying about dangerous humans.

What Does Attic Clean-Up Mean, Exactly?

After removing a wild animal from your attic, the wildlife removal company will also take care of the affected space, which is still considered uninhabitable and potentially dangerous at this stage.

First of all, attic cleaning services will focus on removing offensive materials, like feces, fur, eggs, skin, and so on. They will also remove nests and nesting material, animal carcasses, and other related debris. All of these are not only unpleasant but may prove actively dangerous since most intrusive wild animals have commonly been associated with a wide range of diseases.

Exposure to animal feces, urine, or carcasses, even if indirect, can put you and your family at risk of contracting a serious illness. So it’s important that someone takes the time to thoroughly inspect the area, remove offensive material, and disinfect the premises in order to make it sanitary and inhabitable again.

Attic Clean-Up vs. Attic Restoration

For some wildlife removal companies, the two terms may be used interchangeably, while others might refer to them as two separate services. The attic clean-up is the process of sanitizing the surface inhabited by the removed wild animals, while attic restoration involves replacing and repairing the surfaces destroyed by said animals.

With wild animals in the attic, it’s not uncommon to be confronted with trampled or torn insulation, damaged electrical wires, chewed or damaged wooden support structures, as well as soiled fabrics or furniture items. As much as possible, the wildlife removal company will help restore damaged items like insulation or wires as part of their attic restoration service.

Wildlife removal companies like New Journey Pest Control are there not only for the wildlife removal part but also for what comes after and for making sure your home is inhabitable and pleasant to live in after a wildlife infestation.

Why Is Attic Clean-Up So Important?

Well, as we’ve just seen, the presence of wild animals on your property may expose you and yours to serious germs and bacteria, which may endanger your general health. So it’s not to be messed with, and you should look into a proper and thorough attic clean-up service as quickly after removing the animals as possible.

Attic clean-up also serves to check the premises and ensure the intrusive wildlife hasn’t left behind eggs, dead carcasses, or other such offensive material that may cause you more trouble in the future.

Then you have attic restoration, which helps rebuild damaged surfaces, like support beams or wires. Left unattended, these damaged items can pose very serious threats to your home. For instance, gnawed electrical wires can pose the very real risk of fire and thus endanger you and your family. Damaged wooden structures, similarly, can create the risk of collapse, which should not be treated lightly.

Should You Hire A Professional Or Attempt DIY Clean-Up?

Some homeowners will opt for DIY attic cleaning in favor of the professional services offered by pest removal companies in the hope of saving some cash. That, however, is rarely the case. The thing is, these companies will have the experience, dexterity, and pro-level apparel to thoroughly clean your property and eliminate all threats. You won’t, most likely.

And investing in professional cleaning substances and products, on top of the mandatory protective gear (since you don’t want to come into direct contact with animal debris), will actually end up costing you as much, if not more than the service offered by the pest removal company.

Not only that, cleaning and restoring a wildlife-ravaged attic is quite a lot of work and effort, so really, you’d be better off just letting the pest removal company do it. Not only will they do a thorough cleaning job, but they will also be able to spot potential weaknesses in the process, thus taking active steps to prevent future wildlife infestation.

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