Here’s How To Grill Indoors Without Spoiling Your Interior Decor


So, why would you want to grill indoors? The one and the only reason for that is because the barbecue is delicious and not everybody has a backyard to spare for it.

But let’s face it. Grilling inside your house is going to ruin your interior decor. Or is it? Well, not anymore.

Barbecue enthusiasts living in tight spaces, you can now relax because we have come up with the ultimate answer to quench your thirst.

Get ready to be fired up because now you can cook and enjoy the best-grilled dishes without ever having to worry about your interior decor.

Don’t keep yourself waiting anymore! Read on, my pal!

  1. Prepare With The Right Equipment

BBQ Tools

Preparing with the right set of cooking tools is the key to grill indoors and still have perfectly clean decor.

If you can get the right things, then you can grill the same way you’d do outside. But, more often than not, trying to decide what you need on your own will leave you dazed and confused.

Don’t worry, though, because we’ll put this to rest right now!

  1. Grill

Indoor Grill

If you are already aware of the kind of grills you need, click here to look at the best smoker grill combos.

There are two kinds of grills that you can safely use indoors.

One is called a folding contact grill. It’s a panini press that is capable of making a grilled sandwich.

It’s prevalent in European countries because of its versatility and its capability to cook both sides evenly without extra effort.

It’s a grilled sandwich maker, and if that’s all you want, then go for it. But that is not what we’re here for.

What we are here for is called an open grill. It’s an electric appliance that has a grill surface like any other conventional grill.

Because of its design, it’s excellent at mimicking the services of an actual grill and is bound to satisfy the needs of most BBQ enthusiasts.

You may have to flip your food, unlike the folding contact grill, but we are sure that it’s the experience you are looking for.

This article compares pellet grills vs. gas grills, helping you choose the best grill for your home and cooking style.

  1. Pans

Electric Grill

Grill pans will make your job a breeze when grilling indoors.

The goal is to find a pan that is heavy and has high and wide ridges. Such pans will allow you to sear better and won’t skittle around when you get a little enthusiastic.

While you’ll find the market riddled with lightweight pans that are incapable of doing the job, don’t settle for anything that isn’t what we have aforementioned.

  1. Charcoal

Indoor Smokeless Grill

No BBQ enthusiast can deny the beauty of smoking (Cooking).

The mouth-watering flavors have enchanted many people, irrespective of their history with barbecue. And while you can protect your kitchen from smoking with future proof kitchen essentials, using the right charcoal will save you a lot of effort.

Our top, and maybe the only recommendation for indoor grilling, is the Japanese charcoal called Sumi.

These are available as rectangular sticks and are designed for interior grilling. They get immensely hot with little to no smoke.

Heat these charcoals to the point they are hot and glowing on a stove and then put them on the grill. These will stay hot for a long while and will give you the most authentic grilling experience indoors.

  1. Cooking


Image Credit: Carnivore Style

These final cooking tips will conclude our discussion and make grilling indoors a piece of cake for you.

Obviously, like conventional grilling, don’t let your grill stay unattended. It’s even more critical indoors because unlike grilling outdoors, the smoke won’t get dispersed by the wind and will probably suffocate everyone inside.

For the very same reason, if things do go south, you should be prepared with a fire extinguisher nearby.

Also, don’t drip the food items with sauces. Because while in an outdoor environment, the marination juice will evaporate with no problem, the smoke wreaks havoc inside. Get by with as little marination as possible and try to get the best flavors by calculated spices.

Another thing to remember is to deal with the fat on the food. While conserving fat when grilling outdoors is preferred for flavor, cooking indoors with animal fat is not an option.

Trim the food you are using and cut off all the excess fat. If the fat seeps through the surface and reaches the heating source indoors, it can cause some violent reaction and mess up your entire kitchen.

Otherwise, it’s the same as cooking outdoors. Just be extra cautious and prepare your meal in a calculated fashion.


So, that’ll be all for this guide.

This short and sweet piece with all the necessary information is bound to enable you to grill safely inside your home without burning the decor to dust.

With that, we hope that you found this article helpful, and thank you for reading!

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