Here’s How You Can Have A Garden If You Have A Tiny Apartment


Grow A Garden

Tiny apartments are like a bane to nature lovers. Less space means compromising on your favorite hobby of maintaining a garden. Also, most of the apartments don’t have enough sunlight and air, which are the two important resources plants need.

So, when you move to the city, it could be a problem to find an apartment that has enough space for you to grow a garden. However, with some strategic thinking, you can grow plants and still have enough space for moving around.

Today, we will tell you such tricks that you can implement in your small apartment so that you have a garden to maintain that looks lovely and compact.

  1. Window Sill Garden

Window Sill Garden

Window sills are the perfect place to show greenery if you have a small apartment. You can either hang or hook the flower pots to the sill. In this way, you’re not only making your space greener but also less messy (we all know the mess that comes with growing trees).

Make sure you choose a window sill that receives enough sunshine and air. Or else you can grow plants that require less sunlight. The perfect window sill will be the one situated near the balcony. It serves as a recreation spot, and you can enjoy the view of your garden whenever you sit there.

  1. Vertical Gardens

It’s the most popular type of garden that you often see in small apartments with small balconies. As they can’t use the entire space of the balcony to grow trees, it’s wise to use the vertical space on the walls. If you have a wall that looks plain and bland to you, then you can turn it into a small garden by hanging pots and flowers plants all across the wall. It looks splendid watching it while having small sips of tea. It’s also one of the effective ways to save water in the garden.

  1. Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens

If attaching plants to the wall is not clicking with you, then you can try hanging them on the railing present on the balcony. If you choose this design, you can have a variety of pots available in the market to increase the aesthetics of your balcony. You can grow small plants, flower plants, herbs, etc., to make the balcony space look wonderful and green. And when you have planted several pots, you got yourself a tiny garden that you can relish nurturing.

  1. Hanging Plants In A Sunny Spot

Some apartments will not have balconies. Instead, they have a deep hollow space in the middle of the apartment building. And it’s the spot that receives ample sunshine. You can make use of this space by hanging plants using a long thread or rope. It will be like magical green lanterns hanging from above. Everyone can enjoy seeing the floating plants, and all can take care of them by pouring water daily. If you live in an apartment building where all residents support gardening, then it’s a perfect idea to make your building green and alive.

Plants To Grow In Tiny Spaces

Now let’s assume that you have decided to grow a garden in the above-mentioned spaces. You may be wondering what to grow given that you have limited space, sunlight, and water. Well, here’s the list to go through:

  • Loose-leaf lettuces
  • Herbs like coriander, basil, mint, rosemary, etc.
  • Radishes and spring onions
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach and chard

These are varieties that you can grow when you have limited space and shine. However, once started and got the hang of it, you can upgrade to the big plants like:

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers, bell peppers, and chili
  • Carrots, beetroots, and other root varieties
  • Potatoes
  • And creepers like beans, peas, etc.

These are some of the plants that can make a wonderful garden, and you can access them easily whenever you want from your cooking area.

If the vegetable garden is not your area, you can also grow a variety of flower plants that look colorful in your apartment. Roses are the best for beginners as they need less nurturing.

How To Care For The Garden?

Care For Garden

Once you have planted your favorite crops, it’s essential to take care of them so that they sustain and thrive and continue to blossom. Here’s how you can take care of them.

Water the plants at least once or twice a week, depending on the climatic conditions near your area. Make sure the soil is absorbing the water well.

And lighting is very important for plants. They need it like we need oxygen. So your plants must get the sunshine at least for some part of the day. Hence, it’s important to select an area that receives enough sunshine.

Also, the soil must be changed at the right intervals. As the soil slowly loses its nutrients over time, you have to change the soil to ensure that your plants are enough food from the soil. It’s one of the top tips for improving garden soil quality.


So these are the few things that you need to know about growing plants in tiny apartments. With this knowledge, you can have a garden and relish in the joy of nurturing it.

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