Here’s Why Comparing Table Fan Price And 3 Other Key Factors Are Important


Most of us have had a table fan at our homes at some point in life. Whether in our ancestral houses or a college hostel, a table fan is one of the best appliances that keep us cool and refreshed during hot days. Moreover, they are extremely affordable, cost-effective, and demand less power to operate, making them a complete value for money proposition. In short, if you want a fan that takes up very little space, is cost and power-effective, and requires minimal upkeep, then a table fan is an excellent choice for you.

If you, too, are looking for a table fan and have been comparing table fan prices before buying one, there are a couple more things that you need to keep in mind apart from the pricing to bring home a fan that will last for years.

Table Fan

  1. Sweep Size

The better the sweep size of the fan, the more air can move around the room. Therefore, always choose a fan that has a great sweep size. To make life simpler, a fan with a 400 mm sweep size should be more than enough for an effective air throw for an average-sized room. These fans are also available at affordable table fan prices.

  1. High-Speed Vs. Normal Speed

You get two options when you are out buying a table fan, and both terms are self-explanatory. A high-speed fan has a higher rotation speed than a normal speed fan, which is great if you want the air throw to be directed towards a larger area; a normal speed fan is equally good if you have a smaller room. So, choose one based on your specific requirement.

Luminous’ offers a wide range of table fan price options, all available in various styles and design options for modern consumers. If you are looking for a shiny new table fan, you can’t miss their catalog of products that offer superior benefits over others.

  • Aerodynamically Designed Blades: Luminous table fans come with aerodynamic blades resulting in better efficiency when it comes to moving air throughout the room.
  • Stronger Motor In A Larger Body: Their fans feature a stronger motor, making the fan highly effective during hotter days. A stronger motor also gives the fan extended service life.
  • Available In A Range Of Design Options: Available in various design options; Luminous table fans are great at making a statement. Moreover, the affordable table fan prices make Luminous fans a great choice.
  • Build Quality: They are made using only the best of components and delicate craftsmanship to ensure that every table fan meets the rigorous quality standards that make a great fan.
  • Affordability: The entire lineup of table fan prices is very competitively priced and offers the most value for money compared to other brands available in the market.

Luminous is known for their outstanding quality products and have been known for constant innovation in the home electricals segment. So if you are planning to get a table fan anytime soon, then do make sure to drop by and check out their products.

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