Herringbone Flooring: What Is It?


Herringbone Flooring

The conventional method or pattern for putting parquet blocks is herringbone wood flooring. The flooring pieces are dramatically smaller than standard flooring planks and are intended to generate a distinctive zigzag pattern known as “herringbone.” The flooring blocks will be fitted together in a staggered zigzag shape.

Do you want the elegant aesthetic of wood herringbone flooring combined with the practicality of laminate? You’re off to a good start with the well-known Herringbone laminate. Hardwearing and low-maintenance, with all the elegance and appeal of real wood, this is an excellent choice for homeowners.

Is Herringbone Flooring No Longer Fashionable?

If you want a line with a variety of looks and a dash of personality, this is the range for you. The endurance and sturdiness of herringbone parquet flooring is one of the explanations why it will never go out of popularity as a flooring option.

Amount Of Wastage

Wastage is estimated to be around 10% for planks and 12-15 percent for parquets like Herringbone or Chevron. Because the design and size of the pieces limit your capacity to employ off-cuts, parquet wood flooring demands more waste.

Why Herringbone Flooring?

In your house, it creates movement and spaciousness. A herringbone wood flooring installation zigzagging layout forms arrows on your floor, giving the impression of movement. This detailed design will infuse your room with movement and vitality. It can also make a room look bigger and larger than it is. Your eye will instinctively be pulled to the widest area of the design, which will lead you in the directions you want to walk. For a palatial feel, use it in foyers, halls, and bathrooms.

Is It Possible To Prefinished Herringbone Floors?

For a herringbone flooring design or any parquet floor, prefinished floors are a fantastic pick. The prefinished technique allows the wood to be trimmed, sanded, stained, and sealed in the controlled environment of a factory. Prefinished floors also make assembly much quicker and save the homeowner the time and hassle of completing a floor on the job.

About Upkeep

Cleanse the floor carefully with a mop, water, and professional cleansers made for parquet floors. To avoid water damage, use as minimal water and cleaner as necessary, and do not scrub too vigorously to avoid scratching and other economic harm.

Points To Consider

  • Before you implement the floor, make sure it’s in good condition because most distributors won’t completely replace a wood floor that has already been installed.
  • Since wood is an organic material with a wide range of colors, each batch can be produced utilizing a variety of production lines. If the engineered wood is to your liking, carefully place it back in the package and reseal it to enable it to acclimatise.
  • The damp feet, spills, and soggy towels in a packed restroom, along with the warmth from the baths, but even the most well-built boards at risk. Washing rooms are at the same risk; therefore, it’s best to avoid them.


Engineered wood flooring has surpassed solid wood flooring in popularity as a result of the numerous advantages it offers, as well as the fact that it looks excellent in any setting!

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