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Today’s world is driven by technology. The past few decades have altered our lives due to technological revolution innovation. At present, technology has secured a strong position in our lives. Another exciting innovation that holds grounds is eco-friendly technology. From offices to homes, kitchen to entertainment, and personal utility, technology has embedded itself into all spheres of life. High-tech interior means that space is built in such a simple and minimalistic way where all important day-to-day usage technology is installed. Such spaces are up to date, smartly used, and efficient. In short, these are smart spaces with installed smart devices.

Revolution In Interior Designing

With so much revolution in interior designing, doors being a significant part of any interior, have also upgraded. Traditional conventional wooden doors with outdated textures have become a thing of the past. New and high-tech interiors require well-suited doors that complement the entire look and have additional features. And this is where the AVON collection by Belldinni at Door Design Lab steps in with a variety of doors that will aptly add value to a high-tech interior.

Features Of High-Tech Interior

History speaks for itself. In The past, interior design revolved around solid colors, detailed wooden carvings, and fancy furniture with dull lightings. Modern trends have replaced all this. At present, interior designs revolve around making spaces where utility is preferred. As technology is incorporated, furniture and fixtures are more on the casual and comfortable side. Color themes are an amalgamation of bright and neutral tones and much more. The crux is to highlight a few common features of high-tech modern interior designs.

  • These spaces are versatile and super useful. Less space is used in efficient ways that more can be accommodated.
  • A combination of colors is used. Mostly lighter and neutral tones are used to make spaces look brighter, more expansive, and cleaner.
  • With the installation of various technologies such as automatic locks, smart lights, temperature-regulated devices, etc., spaces are made high-tech.
  • Lights play a pivotal role in interior design. In high-tech spaces, lights are normally fitted for various purposes. A combination of white and yellow lights is used for a normal day and nighttime. For occasions, fairy lights are put in place to add extravagance. Often, LED strip lights are used to give rooms a vibrant, modern, and hippie look.
  • High-tech spaces have a casual and comfortable ambiance. No extraordinary and unusual furniture and fixtures are used in high-tech present-day interiors.
  • Smart partitions are available with simple, stylish doors or with glazed windows.
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Doors Suitable For High-Tech Interior Designs

Special attention must be paid to doors when designing your space’s interior doors — the gateway to your heaven. Doors are not only an essential part of any interior but, if neglected, can sabotage the entire look of your space. At-Door Design Lab, it is kept in mind that all the AVON collection by Belldinni has unique features and advantages just the way you want it.

Eco-Friendly Doors

You might have come across the term eco-friendly a lot of times. But have you ever heard of eco-friendly doors? Well, here you are. One of the most significant features of Belldinni doors is that they are environment friendly. The Avon prefinished doors have an eco-friendly polypropylene finish that is resistant to discoloration and sunlight fading. No harmful materials such as formaldehyde and phenols are used to finish these doors to make them as eco-friendly as possible.

Complementing High-Tech Interior

While designing a space requires attention to detail, it is similar in the case of door installation. Doors with fine textures, gleaming surfaces, and complementing jambs and casings immediately uplift a space’s ambiance. High-tech spaces possess a certain aura. While designing such space, attention to detail is imperative. This is exactly what Door Design Lab does. We have well-designed Avon doors introduced by Belldinni that complement and match jambs and casing to establish a complete look for your space.

Additional Insulation Providing Doors

This is a quality that is desirable not only by high-tech spaces but also by other spaces. If you are a person who wants something extra for your space, go for doors that have added rubber seals to the bottom. The insulating rubber seal aids in maintaining the temperature of the room. It helps in trapping heat and cold within the room and keeps your space warm in winters and cool in summers. You might be surprised to hear that these rubber seals help provide resistance against sound, dust, small insects, and other smoke particles to add a cherry on top. But how does this work?

At-Door Design Lab, all Belldinni doors have an additional rubber seal at the sides and bottom of the doors fitted to fill the gaps and spaces between a door and the parallel wall floor. Due to this aptly fitted rubber seal, additional insulation is ensured.

Minimalistic Design

It is rightly said, less is more. Simple and minimalistic designs go well with high-tech interiors. When used in interior designing, highly revolutionized technology needs to be accompanied by decent and sophisticated doors. Something over the top will never settle with high-tech interiors. Doors that are unique yet casual, modern yet decent, and minimal yet standardized are the talk of the town. Avon collection by Belldinni is exactly that: Minimal, classic, and contemporary.

The Bottom Line

If you plan to renovate your space or overhaul your interior, pay slightly more attention to your doors. They can either make or break your entire interior design. If settling for a high-tech style interior is your goal, Door Design Lab should be your go-to place. While you are at it, make sure to check our AVON collection by Belldinni. After all, quality, affordability, and innovation are hard to find under a single roof.

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