Hints on Choosing Windows for Your Remodeling Project


The question of windows goes far beyond adequate frame dimensions and appropriate coverings for the glass. Today’s homeowners have to consider the costs of heating and cooling their houses, the style and appearance, materials, longevity, and other features. If you are considering replacing the windows in your home, you should make sure that you compare all the options and see which one will bring the most benefits to your house. Dealing with a large amount of information and choices can be rather overwhelming. There is no reason to worry, though. In further text, we will try to help you to make the right decision.

The Appearance of Windows

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Comparing to all the other important features of windows, the visual effect may seem quite insignificant. Still, the appearance can influence their functionality. For example, picture windows should be used in areas with a colder climate, because they let in more light. On the other hand, casement windows are popular and useful in hurricane-prone areas, such as the American South. Awning windows are often used in bathrooms, while slider windows are ideal when there is not enough space to swing the windows open.

The Importance of Frames

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Frames are crucial for the functionality and efficiency of the windows. The materials the frames are made from can contribute or harm insulation properties. Some of the best and the most used materials are wood, vinyl, and vinyl clad. Wood can resist cold and heat, but it requires considerable maintenance. Vinyl provides excellent insulation and is virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl-clad combines the beauty of wood and the efficiency of vinyl.

Certified Glass

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The most important things to know are the energy features of the glass. How resistant are the windows to heat loss and how much heat can enter the house through their glass, are questions that should be answered before making any decision. Double-glazed windows, for instance, are at the same time-saving money, energy, and meeting certain ecological standards. In a recent conversation with Sydney-based firm specialized in double glazed windows, I discovered that the air between their glass panes can provide additional insulation and that gas (argon) insulates even better.

Taking Your Time

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You do not have to do all the work at once. Gradually replacing the windows in your home is one step that can save you from the too challenging financial endeavor. You could start by replacing the windows that are the first on line of extreme weather conditions. The gradual replacement is useful when you need different solutions for different parts of the house. Awning windows can be installed in the bathroom, while for casement windows are the best choice for the side of your home that is exposed to harsh winds.

Adding New Life to the Old Windows

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Sometimes, simple refurbishing of the old windows is enough. If there is a possibility, you should opt for this step, because it will save you a lot of money and increase their efficiency. If the old wooden frames are worn-out, you could remove the paint, sandpaper them, and then add a fresh coat of paint. When that is not enough, window frames can be completely replaced if the glass is in good condition. If the situation is reversed, the glass can be replaced (preferable for some more energy efficient), and the frame used once more.

When considering windows replacement, there is not much creative decision making in that process. The answer lies in simple math. That investment should pay off in the long term, by decreasing your bills and making your house a warmer place.

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