Hiring A Plumber? 6 Things You Must Know Before


Hiring plumbers is a crucial decision that should not be taken so lightly by homeowners. They are responsible for repairing some of the essential parts of your home, such as a water heater, faucet, and toilet.

Failure to hire an experienced or high-quality plumber can generally result in dangerous and costly repairs soon.

Let me show you six tips on how you can make sure that you hire an experienced plumber when you need them.

  1. Plumber Licenses

Licensed Plumber in Minneapolis

Although plumbers need to have a license in most places, there is always someone who advertises themselves without having one.

The first thing you need to ask a plumber over the phone is that if they have a license in your country or city. Most likely, they will tell you the truth; however, there are a few that might lie.

When they come to your house, ask them to show their license, or you can check with the licensing brand in your city to see if they are registered.

Now, you might be tempted to hire unlicensed plumber since you are in such a hurry. If you do, remember this:

You cannot complain to anyone about their work.

You can still sue them. However, that is a long and hard process because they do not have any set plumbing standards that they need to follow.

And although your plumbing problems are fixed, unlicensed plumbers may not follow the code in fixing pipes and might use an easier shortcut, which can get you in trouble soon.

  1. Cost Issues

Plumbing Cost

You can get a quote from a plumber over the phone, or they can come to your home to provide you with a physical estimate. Always force them to be upfront about all the potential costs.

Are they giving you a base estimate that might increase if problems arise? Do they quote you for labors and parts or just labors? Will they need permit fees from the city?

Remember to ask if they work hourly or for a flat fee. Also, you need to always ask for an onsite plumbing quote. It might be easier to have one over the phone; however, you are more likely to have an inaccurate one.

On the subject of payment, ask how and when they want to be paid. If they ask for cash, then that is not a good sign. The perfect situation will include some kind of down payment and pay the rest when the work is finished.

Some plumbers use milestone payments where you pay a small amount at each stage of the project. This is an excellent choice since it assures you that the work will be done.

Also, while the cost is the main factor, you should not always go to the cheapest plumbing cost. If they are slow to answer calls, unlicensed, or do not seem trustworthy, then do not hire them. There are other ways that you can save money on plumbing works besides giving up quality.

  1. Plumbers VS. Plumbing Companies

When considering a plumber, you should know who will do the work. If you are hiring a plumbing company rather than a contract plumber, then you might need to ask who will be at your house to fix the problem. Plumbing companies often send an individual for plumbing quotes and another to do the actual work.

  1. Cleaning the Mess

Cleaning the Mess

Remember to ask a potential plumber who will be responsible for cleaning the worksite. Many plumbers often leave pools of water, product boxes, and parts for you to deal with.

If they are not willing to do this, then you might need to look somewhere else. There are some companies which offer additional fees for cleaning the mess. You can decide whether you let them do it for a small fee or handle the mess yourself.

  1. Guarantee-Based and Insurance

Plumbers Guarantee

You must ask the potential plumber about what will happen if something breaks. Surely you do not want to pay the whole fee again in case your toilet broke again after a week. Some plumbers guarantee their work for a set time like a year or 2. Others will tell you the warranty of the product is enough.

Also, you might want to check if they are insured. If they were to run a problem, you want to make sure that the problem is fixed and covered.

  1. 24-Hour Emergency Plumbers

24-Hour Emergency Plumbers

It is also essential to know the availability of a potential plumber. If your boiler break or pipe bursts in your home, then you will need assurance that they have a 24-hour emergency call-out service.

Knowing their response time is one of the factors that should point you to the right plumber. Surely, plumbers, Pretoria will arrive instantly when a pipe burst at even at midnight. And that keeps you out of the hustle of waiting for the next day.

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