Holiday Spirit: Ways To Incorporate More Holiday Decor In Your Home


Do you want to make your home more festive this holiday season? Are you planning to invite several family members or friends to stay with you over Christmas break? When you want to show off your creative side or impress your guests, decorating the whole house is a fun way to celebrate and make everyone feel welcome. Here are just a few tips to get you started, so take a read and get inspired for your next decorative project.

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Nothing brightens up space faster than putting up decorative lights. Whether you want to stay traditional and go with all white bulbs, or the colorful blend is more your style, illuminating bland areas can liven up your entire home. For more appeal, consider adding a mix of lights or using a different method or color in each room to create a theme. Some views have sparkling effects, and some come in shapes like snowflakes, icicles, or candy canes, and many other holiday shapes.

These don’t have to be reserved for trees and rooftops, though. You can line your walkway with light strings, weave them into wreaths for doorways, wind them about banisters, or pin them about the sides of your mirrors. Wherever you put them, lights are a great way to bring a magical, festive spirit to any space.

Christmas Embroidery Designs

Christmas Embroidery Designs

Christmas embroidery designs make your home decor look wow! There are many stitching designs and options available nowadays; you can find them from traditional to fancy or the modern design, and many other Christmas embroidery designs available online.

Create Centerpieces


Nothing screams the holidays louder than a spectacular centerpiece with candles, ribbon, ornaments, poinsettias, or glitter. All of the materials you need, from fake flowers to scented wax candles, can be easily purchased from a craft store. Centerpieces can be anything depending on the atmosphere you want to create, from little candles in a glass vase for a soft, romantic holiday, to a family of cotton or wood-painted snowmen for family dinners. Make a theme to set for the house, or keep it simple for the one room. Don’t forget that centerpieces can also be put on coffee tables, atop a set of drawers or shelves, or even set up along a window-sill if your inspiration leads you beyond the kitchen.

Add Appliques To Guest Blankets

Embroidery Designs Of Snowmen

One way to impress guests is to decorate sheets, sweaters, or guest towels with applique embroidery designs of snowmen, Santa, reindeer, ornaments, or other holiday themes. If you want a smaller application, then you can put these embellishments on the pillowcases or handkerchiefs instead. Scarves, robes, pot holders, stockings, any cloth-based material can easily decorate with gorgeous embroidery that carries that unique holiday charm.

Put A Wreath In Every Room

Decorative Wreath For Holiday Home Decor

Wreaths are easy to assemble from items you can find around your home or easily purchased at any craft store. Plaid is a popular holiday trend right now, so you can easily use some branches or faux greenery with acorns, pine cones, holly berries, and vintage ornaments to create a unique wall hanging bound with ribbons of old plaid fabrics. You can add these wreaths to the entire house, over doorways, or framing wall clocks to create a cohesive theme. Incorporate scented oils like peppermint or cinnamon to create a full sensory holiday experience, and welcome your guests with the sights and smells of holiday cheer. Add a red magnolia wreath for a beautiful accessory.

Creating unique decorations for your home doesn’t have to be difficult, and your family and guests will appreciate the extra touches you add to the holiday. If these tips have kindled your creative spirit, google a DIY for your chosen project and start with those decorations. Remember, any embellishments you make can be used for your own home or as gifts to family and friends, so don’t hold back and get crafting.

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