Home Accents And Decorations: When To Save And When To Splurge


Home Accents And Decorations

Whether you’re currently furnishing a specific room or your home’s entirety, chances are you have set aside a budget for it. However, even if you have the cash to play with your home accents and decorations, it’s highly advised that you don’t spend too much on accents and thrift on deals as much as possible.

There are some fundamental areas of your home décor that make sense to invest more or hold back splurging on certain pieces. To help you have a balanced budget for your home décor, here are things you can splurge on and then those that you can save on.

Splurge On:

  1. Upholstered Seating

Your primary sofa, sectional, ottoman or other plush upholstered seating will take a lot of wear and tear. Thus, it only makes sense that you splurge more for durable and high-quality pieces.

Quality fabrics with strong weaves of natural fibers or high-grade synthetic fibers offer comfort and feel nice against the skin. It also helps resist soiling, especially in lighter colors. Most often, if you invest in budget fabrics, it won’t last through the wear and tear of everyday use.

If you don’t want to replace your seating fixtures regularly, then you want to invest more in well-constructed and high-quality pieces from a reliable manufacturer in the market.

  1. Framed Art Prints

It’s always worth it to spend money on art, especially if you have a bare and empty wall. Opting for museum-quality framed art prints from the greatest living artists and iconic brands of the world can create focal points on barren walls and can pique interest from guests.

Most quality framed prints are hand-crafted at production facilities using museum-quality frames and mats, premium paper, and archival inks that will last for a lifetime. Or you can also go with your artwork.

Whether it’s the highlight of your artistic career or your 7-year-old’s school artwork, individuals tend to put a sentimental value on artworks and would love to display them in all their glory. With that said, you want to splurge on custom framing, which helps transform your artwork and photos into museum-quality framed prints that’ll surely be a conversation starter.

  1. Tailored Window Treatments

Whether you like prefabricated panel curtains or custom draperies, you surely want to splurge on the tailoring in order to ensure that the length of your window treatments is just right.

Floor-to-ceiling draperies make any room look polished and elegant. However, this effect goes away if the fabric is hanging several inches above it or pooled on the floor, sweeping up dust and dirt.

Splurging on having your window treatments professionally hemmed can ensure a proper fit for a priceless and sophisticated presentation.

Save On:

  1. Rugs

Rugs are quite expensive. An 8 x 10 area rug can easily rip you $600 or more. Plus, they don’t last as long as they should, particularly if you have pets or it’s placed in high-traffic areas.

So, rather than splurging on a single high-quality yet ultra-expensive rug, try choosing several cheaper rugs instead. You can switch them up in a quarterly or yearly period. Not only can this prevent fast wear and tear, but this regular change can help refresh a room’s vibe.

  1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an amazing addition and accent to just about any room. Nevertheless, don’t spend too much money on more throw pillows. It’s suggested that you go with pillow covers instead.

Buying covers for your throw pillows can save money while refreshing up the design. Plus, it frees up storage space since you can unzip a cover and store it easier than storing a whole pillow.

  1. Lamps

You can find numerous gorgeous lamps to purchase. But unless that lamp is going to be a focal point in the room, then it’s best to save money on them.

The main purpose of a lamp is to illuminate a given space. It doesn’t need to distract you from anything else in the room that is beautiful. There are modern lamps and shades available at a cheap price point featuring timeless styles and shapes. Or you can even update your lamp with a new shade, and it’ll look brand new to save a few more bucks.


So, there you have it. The following are just some of the items where you want to splurge or skimp on, and there’s so much more to think of. Just remember, when thinking about the budget, the perception of quality and expense is different from one person to another.

Think long and hard and trust your gut. Always invest in items that you plan to keep and use for a long time and save on those that have a minimal role in the room you’re planning to redecorate.

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