Home Chef Dreams: Top Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Worthy Of Gordon Ramsay


If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, you might as well take your cues from the best. Gordon Ramsey, the world-renowned restaurateur, added a new kitchen to his South London home in 2004 to ensure he finally had the space and storage he had wanted for some time. Because he, like other professional chefs, know what’s needed and what’s not in a chef-worthy kitchen. Here’s a list that you want to be sure to include.

Use a Design Focused on Economy of Movement

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen

Unless you’re just updating your kitchen, a remodel gives you the chance to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not in your current kitchen. Professional chefs like Gordon Ramsey are prominent about viewing the workspace with an economy of motion in mind. Not only is maintaining the triangular design between the sink, stove, and refrigerator outstanding, but so are the placement of crucial storage cabinets and the kitchen island. You need to collect ingredients, clean, fresh produce and proteins, prep everything, cook it plate it, and clean up afterward without wasted steps. Cooking should be almost like a dance that flows from one stage to the next without interruption and should be the basis of every good kitchen design.

The Most Valuable Commodities are the Kitchen Counters

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

Professional chefs agree that if you don’t have sufficient counter space, cooking can be a chore. You need to have room to set out ingredients and prep supplies, set up the cutting board, set out pans, plates, serving dishes, and prepare the meal. With limited counter space, a lot of shuffling ends up going on, resulting in restrictions in the types of dishes that can be prepared. Additionally, the right countertop is critical. Natural stone like granite is sturdy and long-lasting but is porous, stains easily, and needs to be sealed regularly. Marble is more delicate but beautiful to look at. Chef block and concrete need to be sealed periodically. Steel is long-lasting and durable but will scratch and show other marks with use. Finally, cultured stone such as quartz is now made to look like natural stone but misses it. The good thing is that it’s resistant to heat, cold, scratching, and stains, requiring no maintenance, and exceptionally durable.

The organization Is A Critical Factor.

Organized Kitchen

Countertop clutter is a common problem in many kitchens, but it is a nightmare in a chef’s dream kitchen. It will not only reduce efficiency while cooking but will also make the process less enjoyable. That means there needs to be a place for everything handy to the station to be used ultimately. During the design process, the critical thing to remember is that if it’s too hard to get to, you won’t use it. Additionally, a pot rack is a must. It keeps things used all the time handy yet organized.

Select Appliances Based on Your Lifestyle

Kitchen Appliances

Professional chefs prefer gas stoves to be electric because the heat is easier to control. That doesn’t mean that you have to have the biggest oven, refrigerator, or freezer available. What you should do, however, is pick the appliances that fit in with your lifestyle best. If you love to bake, you may want to consider a double oven. If you only freeze dough or sorbet, you may need less freezer space than refrigerator space. If you buy groceries daily to ensure you only use the freshest ingredients available, smaller appliances are just a good as big ones. What you select should be a personal choice that is not influenced by trends.

Don’t Skimp on Your Slashback.

Decorative Splashback Tiles

Although having a decorative splashback is an essential element in any kitchen remodel, it’s often given little thought. Once flashbacks featured pictures of fruit and vegetables, they come in stone, glass, mirror, metal, or a combination of finishes. Also, many of the newer designs incorporate textures and different shaped mosaics tiles that create a more artful design. They are designed to add a splash of color to an otherwise sterile space or tone down a busy environment. One of the newest trends in the full height splashback that creates a focal point by highlighting a single area or, when applied throughout the space, can brighten a room dramatically.

Additionally, plain tile splashbacks are out, and tile patterns are in. Using such tiles, then creating patterns in herringbone, chevron, or checkered pattern, interesting focal points can be created throughout the room. Regardless of which way you go, splashbacks make a kitchen look amazing.

Complete kitchen remodels usually only done once in a lifetime. To ensure you get a kitchen, even Gordon Ramsey would envy; the proper planning and prep work is required. Keep your lifestyle in mind during the design process, as it should guide your efforts, then shop carefully for the products that will enhance the space. The right countertops, organization, appliances, splashbacks, and design will provide you with years of happy cooking.

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