Home Cleaning Matters: Here Are 5 Smart Hacks For A Self-Cleaning Home


There’s something so satisfying knowing you’re coming home to a clean house. But let’s face it – every one of us has time to spare to scrub, sweep, vacuum, and all the works that come with keeping it tidy.

So What Can You Do To Finally Get Everything Together?

House Cleaning

Some prefer hiring a maid while some seek the services of professional cleaners whenever necessary. The thing is, some chores will require help from the experts, while others you can DIY. Why waste money if there are things you can do to make your home look and feel clean every day of the week?

Here are a few smart habits that can change your home to make it look like you’ve got a 24/7 cleaner, 365 days a year.

Organize Your Cleaning Materials

Cleaning Materials

First, make sure you’ve got everything you need in one place. There is no need to have a different washcloth, brush, sponge, and cleaning liquids for every room. Don’t overcomplicate the process as it will only wear you out. You’ll need cleaning materials for your bathroom, another for the kitchen and dining and then the rest of the other rooms.

It would be best to keep a basket with you. This way, there is no need to go back to fetch a cleaning material simply because you forgot to bring one. 10 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Break Down Cleaning Chores

Cleaning Chores List

Instead of spending a whole day cleaning, why not break the tasks down into bite-sized pieces? This way, you won’t need to waste those precious weekends having to clean up a huge mess. You get to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy your clean home minus weekend stressful cleaning.

Spend 15 minutes each day doing small chores. For example, while washing your dirty clothes on Mondays, you can wipe down the counter and kitchen cabinets and then sweep your kitchen floor. The next day, after folding, you can clean your clothes, spend a little time vacuuming your carpets and sofa. Vary the tasks to make it enjoyable. By breaking down your jobs, you get to declutter your home every day. While we can’t avoid general cleaning once a month, you get to prevent piling up dirt and clutter, making your cleaning chores extra tolerable.

Never Let Anything Pile Up

Unorganized Home

One of the best tricks to a self-cleaning home is to clean up after yourself. In short, never let anything pile up. For example, you decided to leave your dirty dishes after cooking and eating your meals. You’d be surprised at how fast your dirty dishes will be piling up at the end of the day.

Instead of waiting for the last meal of the day before washing your dirty dishes, make sure to wash them right away after every meal. Make your bed after getting up, always put things away after using. Wipe your kitchen counter and dining table after food prep, cooking, and eating. Rinse your shower stall after every use and always take your garbage with you after using any room in the house. Such little habits can have a massive impact on our daily lives and can make it easier for us since there will be a lesser mess to clean.

Let Everyone Living With You Participate In Cleaning

Home Cleaning With Kids

It requires two people to dance the tango – the same goes for cleaning and making a mess. If you live with other people, get them on board and let them adapt these simple habits to make everything more comfortable and less of a hassle for everyone. Set some expectations and clear up some boundaries. Divide the roles between all members

Know When To Call Professional Services Such As A Mold Remediation Company

Professional Cleaning Services

Mold can be found on many surfaces – even on the air. The thing about it is just because you don’t see them already meant pattern is non-existent in your home. With mold’s capability to cause a variety of health effects, it’s only fitting that you make sure your house is free of pesky patterns by availing mold remediation services.

Signs You Need A Mold Remediation Company

Black Mold Remediation

If you recently experienced water intrusion in your home and you spot organic material discoloration and a musty odor, this could be the cause of the mold problem. Another sign is if you feel specific health symptoms such as cough, difficulty breathing, or headaches while inside your home for an extended period, but feels much better when you’re outside. If you see any of these symptoms, it would be best to consult with a mold remediation company, have them do a thorough mold inspection and mold removal ASAP.

Why Hire A Mold Remediation Company

It is essential to note that removing mold can be a Do-It-Yourself project. Removing images on your own won’t be as effective without the necessary tools, materials, and experience. By hiring one of the best black mold remediation company, you can be sure that there will be a thorough and safe mold inspection, cleaning, and removal. They can help you identify the cause, thus making it easier to avoid mold problems in the future. The mold remediation cost will depend on the services you’d be availing, so make sure to do your research, check their reviews, and compare prices before choosing one.

What are the effects of black mold exposure?

The unfortunate thing about houses is that a home won’t clean itself. Lucky for you, just a few tweaks on your daily habits can make a huge difference. But by keeping this simple list in mind, you’ll get to keep your home neat and organized as if you’ve got yourself a self-cleaning house in no time.

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