Home Court Advantage: The Value And Luxury Of A Tennis Home


Tennis Courts

It is not just long-time tennis enthusiasts who are considering installing a private court, but the idea has received a rush of renewed interest. This year witnessed a surge in demand for luxury properties with tennis courts. In addition, due to COVID-19 and the resulting lifestyle changes, residential properties with tennis facilities have become increasingly desirable.

Many tennis-loving individuals are waiting for restrictions on public courts to become less restrictive. However, if you have the budget, then ask yourself is not better to bring the game to your backyard. Apart from the convenience of finding the court accessible at walking distance, there are multiple reasons to consider tennis court construction for your property.

  1. Health And Fitness

After viewing a game of tennis, one can easily recognize the physical exertion the sport demands. Tennis challenges an individual’s mobility, agility, stamina, and strength. It is a well-rounded exercise that will help you gain overall fitness. Additionally, tennis is an intergenerational game that can be picked up from an early age and continually played into the later years. Even the 66-year-old business magnate, Bill Gates, is found guilty of enjoying a game of tennis.

Moreover, it is a great initiative to provide your family with an incentive to get more active. It will help your family remain motivated about living a healthy lifestyle and instill sport discipline in young children. Losing extra winter fat cannot become more entertaining, as a game of tennis is as effective as jogging on the treadmill.

  1. Increase Property Value

Previously, people opted for more manageable and smaller properties. However, the trend has seen a shift after COVID-19. The real estate market favors properties that have full-service recreational amenities. A current buyer is looking for refuge from the outside world. Hence properties with more outdoor and open-air space are highly demanded.

Additionally, installing a tennis court will help your property to be upgraded as an “estate.” The private court will increase the amount of construction done on flat land and will variably elevate the property’s value. Besides, it is a relatively cheaper practice to maintain a tennis court than other oversized recreational facilities. So, it is a terrific investment even if you are not currently inclined to sell your house now.

  1. Improve Your Skills

If you are passionate about developing your skills, what can be better than having a court in the backyard. You can practice your return with a ball machine or invite a few friends to compete against it. Either way, your tennis court means that you have increased accessibility and the opportunity to practice more. Moreover, you would no longer need to deal with the hassles of visiting a public court, like waiting in line or tiresome traveling.

  1. The Personality and Prestige

Remember movies showing aristocrats and millionaires playing a game of tennis on their private court. Well, that can be you now! Tennis courts are considered a luxury and offer your home an exclusive personality. It will become your new socializing area to host all your friends and family members.

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